Getting Forced Out Of The Crypto Market

No one is really going to care about the hardship stories if you get washed out of crypto during this stretch before we go completely parabolic again in 2021. No one cared about how rough it was in 2015. People who are new don't know about any of the drama that goes on through these down periods. Situations where EOS is conjested or any other little issues or struggles. They will try to jump on board when the rocket is already accelerating.

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Nobody cares in general. Crypto is risky business so there will be lots of tough stories as we have seen from the hacks, lost keys, prices. It will all be forgotten about in 5 years when things are settled but for now it's all bandit it country.

29.11.2019 09:21

Very true. The thing that sort of blew me away in 2017 is that some of the people that ended up the best off were the people who showed up half way through the year and threw money at it instead of the people who got their teeth knocked out through the years. At the end of the day it is all about timing about unfortunately almost no one can support themselves off of "earnings" in the crypto market during these downturns. Miners can't profit hardly, content creators just have to rely on affiliate commissions to leveraged trading platforms and ponzi DAPPs , or people ride it out on past success.....etc. Very strange for a technology that has such promise.

29.11.2019 15:44

In 2025 you're gonna be smiling a big smile I feel :D

29.11.2019 12:44

2025 is so far off.... hopefully we will be smiling before then. 2020 and 2021....hopefully I can at least crack a smug look at the very least . Hahhah

29.11.2019 15:53

Yeah - play the long game! Here's hoping for smugness this time next year tho

29.11.2019 20:25

Its nice to see the ROI miners drop out and the HODL miners continuing to support the networks they believe in.

29.11.2019 15:11

I feel like now is a great time to build out large GPU farms in areas were the power is $0.04 and lower. The returns won't be now but they can get cheap GPUs and build out the farm for 2020 and 2021 and be in position to earn big and then sell out their rigs when prices are going nuts in December 2021

29.11.2019 15:55