The Truth About Bitcoin Technical Analysis

My eyes just cross and I puke a little bit in my mouth when I see these "experts" drawing an infinite amount of lines predicting where Bitcoin is going to go and then 80% of the time they are completely wrong and people still subscribe to them and keep watching their videos. What a scam. I really think a lot of people want to just scam themselves.

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On what exchange? It wicked down to $7,300 on Coinbase Pro and $7,306 on Kraken. So if someone put buy orders in at $7,200 they would have totally missed out.

The issue with it is most tech analysis like this basically miss the price but essentially just say The price is going down but if it breaks so and so resistance it is going lower but it may just skip all that and shoot up real hard. "Wild Card scenario" So it just covers everything so they can point back and claim that they got it right. I'm not fooled.

27.10.2019 03:48

I made the chart three weeks ago. its all mumbo jumbo haha... it hit $7293 on bybit, people gotta front run everything these days.

The Halvening bitcoin push will start early like it did litecoin around jan. Who knows. like u said just buy the shit. :)

27.10.2019 03:55

Come on pimpin .... it didn't play out. TA just gets people in trouble more than anything.

Dude did you Vote for the proxies that pay for EOS? You get paid everyday by voting for voteforvalue

Does it even make sense to post on WhaleShares anymore? Maybe just collect funds each day.

27.10.2019 04:08

Yeah, I don’t care much for Ta, just possibilities.... most people will just buy at the top usually with no game plan at all. Lol

What proxies are u in? Colin crypto dude? Yeah, whaleshares been pretty dead for a year but it just takes me like 2-3 minutes to post it there 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

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27.10.2019 04:28

it is the voteforvalue proxy. Check this video out. I have been getting rewards each day flowing into staked CPU on all my accounts.

27.10.2019 06:26