Maxine Waters asks about the crypto ad ban, Zuckerberg's internal free speech demons and indigenous identity

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First up I'm talking about Maxine Waters asking Zuckerberg about the Crypto Ad Ban which forms the basis of @jpbliberty's #CryptoClassAction court case in Australia. You can see that clip here on 3speak.. This is a watershed moment, it's by far and away the most important mainstream mention of this action taken by the tech Goliaths.

I'm also talking more generally about Zuckerberg's recent interviews and his speech at Georgetown University.

Finally I address Indigenous Identity very briefly.

Happy to see comments and answer questions down below! Let me know what you think about any of this.

And here’s my plug for the #CryptoClassAction where we’re suing Google, Facebook and Twitter for the good of the Cryptocosm. You can read a good explanation here on my blog.

You can join up direct on this form from JPBLiberty.

More details in this post

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"Haha Maxine Walter recognising herself" that's the high point of watching this video and I find it utterly amazing. Well you did well writing and quoting the Facebook terms and conditions there. One can't ban what they don't like because they don't understand or make research, well it was it's obvious he banned all crypto because he wanted to swoop in with his own Libra. All his ramblings aren't really justifiable by all means.

25.10.2019 09:57

Maxine Waters is just laying into Mark Zuckerberg:

Perhaps you believe that you’re above the law...You are willing to step on and over anyone, including your competitors, women, people of color, your own users and even our democracy to get what you want.

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26.10.2019 17:31