Hello SteemLeo and introducing JPB Liberty SUFB Crypto Class Action tokens

Hello SteemLeo - seeing as I got some tokens, it would be rude not to post.

I'm not quite calling this an investment, but obviously joining our massive class action against the tech goliaths of Facebook, Google and Twitter is a way to perhaps recoup some of the loses from the crypto winter and strike a blow for freedom.

If we succeed in any way, it will shift money from the old centralised systems into our brave new cryptoverse. So make sure you sign up for no win no fee and if you feel you can contribute to the costs (in return for potentially valuable SUFB tokens, please do!

It's particularly easy for Steem holders to contribute.

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To join the class action as a member just send an encrypted memo to @jpbliberty saying “Join Class Action” and providing contact details and mentioning @brianoflondon

You can also join up direct on this form from JPBLiberty.

You can help fund the law suit direct via Fundition (paying with Steem or other crypto is a great option). You will receive SUFB Tokens on Steem-Engine. For large donations please contact @JPBLiberty direct.

More details in this post

You can also read a good explanation here on my blog.

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