A funny thing happened when the US Ambassador came to speak

This will be my last post before Yom Kippur in Israel. I'm not a particularly observant Jew but in common with almost all others here I won't be driving for 26 hours and I'll probably fast. I'll also turn off my phone and computer. Have an easy fast if you're Jewish and see you on the other side.

On Sunday night I was at a memorial for my friend, Ari Fuld. I spoke a bit about this in this video on 3speak.
The US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman came to speak at this 1 year anniversary of Ari's murder. Ari was a dual US citizen when he was murdered but he'd moved to Israel to join the IDF as a lone soldier.Obama's ambassador would not have driven to this location, Gush Etzion Junction.


Gush Etzion is the so-called settlement block to the south of Jerusalem that was lost to Jordan in 1948 and won back in the 1967 war. Instead of calling this area by its proper name, Judea (with Samaria in the north), Jordan renamed it the west bank of the Jordan river. That later became just "West Bank".


One of my friends overheard the conversation between the State Dept security people and the Israeli security before the ambassador arrived. State Dept looked at the crowd and said there are a hell of a lot of armed people out there, is it safe? Israeli security shrugged.

I'd guess 1/4 of the men and 1/6th of the women were open carrying anything from hand guns up to full auto Tavors with grenade launchers in some cases. I spotted one violin case, I asked and it did actually contain a violin! And then there were a whole load of active service people too.

Needless to say the Ambassador made it out of there very much alive.



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