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Focus Stacked Macro Image #195

Focus stacked image created from 43 separate shots at F4, 1/80sec, ISO200.
2022-03-17-18.19.48 ZS retouched_1_1_1_1.jpg
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  • Images taken with the Olympus E-M1 III and 60mm Olympus macro lens
  • Stacked with Zerene Stacker
  • Edited with Capture One and Aurora hdr

More Stacked images
2022-03-17-14.26.10 Colour.jpg

2022-03-17-12.24.08 Colour.jpg

2022-03-17-16.14.12 Colour.jpg

And a single shot taken on on the em5II and laowa 10mm lens

If you like my macro images and would like to try focus stacking yourself then please take a look at my tutorial, see links below

Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Preparing Insects
Part 3 Preparing Flowers
Part 4 Equipment
Part 5 Shooting the stack
Part 6 Processing the stack
Part 7 Editing the stack
Part 8 Final Summary

Thanks for taking a look at my photography

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