Snow: Show Us Your California

Hi Friends,

This post is an entry into the weekly contest of @socalsteemit where we show our California.

It has been quite chilly this last week or so here in Southern California, and, add in some precipitation, it all adds up to... SNOW!

The local mountains are packed with snow, which is not unexpected. What is unexpected is that a lot of the desert areas, we call it the “high desert” which are on the other side of many of the Southern California mountains, received up to 6 inches of snow as well!

My in laws live in the high desert and the Day after Christmas, the snow started coming down. We certainly took advantage of this by going out and playing in the snow, though we didn’t really have our snow stuff with us while we were visiting. Here are some pictures:





The weather is expected to warm up over the next two weeks, so the snow in the high desert will certainly melt quick, but the mountains are still ripe for snow sports!

Thanks for coming by today,

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It's an amazing scenery of snow. Jacob and Kendra enjoy and I also enjoy the pictures, only miss you in the great pic.

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28.12.2019 15:43
Congratulations @brian.rrr, your post won 3rd prize in this weeks Show us Your California contest!!
08.01.2020 16:21