Homemade Egg Rolls

Hi Friends,

My wife and I tagged teamed some homemade egg rolls! She cooked up the pork and veggies that went inside and then we wrapped them in the egg wrappers and I fried them in coconut oil... here was the result:


Quite delicious! We picked up a red Sweet Pepper Sauce to dip them in, and they were great. Our first attempt and we will certainly not be the last! We overestimated how much it would make though, so we had a ton of them:


That’s OK with me, as I will eat them for a week straight if needed!

Thanks for coming by today,

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31.05.2020 04:17

Amazing they do really look delicious @brian.rrr
I like the ones with bean sprouts and some crispy pork pieces.

31.05.2020 04:25

Your food is very tasty. Thanks for sharing

31.05.2020 15:23