Dad Tip of the Day: Picnics

Dad Tip of the Day: Take your kids on picnics!

When you have young kids, it is important that you continue to expose them to new things and help in their development. One thing you can do to go outside the box and get them out of a normal routine is to go out on a picnic!

I am a big fan of food, so any time an activity revolves around food, I am in. A picnic can be fun for the whole family, and I found a good article online that provided 5 reasons you should take your kids on a picnic:

  • Family Bonding: No explanation needed!
  • Improved Mental Health: Spending time outside can reduce anxiety and sunshine is related to improved mood and stress levels
  • Physical Health Benefits: Breathing fresh air helps repertory systems, and the vitamin D from the sun helps build strong bones and teeth, not to mention you may get some exercise
  • Better Behavior: Children that eat family meals are less likely to partake in behaviors like smoking and drinking and the benefit also translates to better academic performance.
  • Self-Reflection Time: Picnics can be a peaceful environment to look at introspective behavior and learn more about themselves through self-reflection.

So take your kids outside and have a picnic. Just bring the sunblock and bug spray! Here are my kids eating outside recently:


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18.07.2019 20:01

Lovely Jacob and Kendra. Picnic is always fun and It's good for family bonding even help us to make a good friendship. Thanks sir @brain for sharing your enjoyable moments.

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19.07.2019 11:49