Dad Tip of the Day: Holidays

Dad Tip of the Day: Help your kids get in the holiday spirit.

Getting ready for the holidays is fun – whether it is Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc – there is an element of something special and different about those dates that can make everyone excited – this is especially true for kids.

I found a good article that mentions some of the benefits of getting into the holiday spirit:

The article mentions that decorating for things like Christmas brings parents back to their childhood and look inside themselves at where they came from and where they are going. The bedrock of those memories are built when they are kids, which gives parents plenty of reasons to get their own children in the spirit of the holiday.

Another reason holidays are important is that they help re-center us by allowing us to spend quality time with friends and family, which are much more important that work or the busy-ness of life. Time is a valuable asset, and investing in your loved ones is especially important during the holidays.

My kids are heavy into the Christmas spirit this year:


So go all out this holiday season!

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11.12.2019 21:01

Wow very cute baby💝🎅 bueatyfull @Brian.rrr

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11.12.2019 21:02

Quality time and memory building are nice reasons to put in the intentionally effort for our children. Nice reminder to all the parents out there!

11.12.2019 23:19

Merry Christmas dear Jacob and Kendra. Holidays is always fun and this month is full of fun. Enjoy...thanks again sir Brian for sharing the enjoyable moments.

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12.12.2019 07:19