Gardening at Night

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In this video I discuss why I love gardening at night. Gardening after dark has many advantages and I think it should be on your priority list to maintain the health of your garden and for your sanity.
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11.07.2019 09:36

I must take note of this one !!
Thanks for sharing tips !!!

Happy planting

11.07.2019 11:18

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11.07.2019 11:33

Those caterpillars really do glow. I thought you might have some mosquitoes there. Here they are liable to carry you away!!

15.07.2019 06:03

We had huge problems with earwigs where we used to live. My brother tried straw bale gardening, and it all got eaten up by the bugs, if I remember correctly. We put cardboard over our garden paths and the earwigs used the cardboard as apartments, and they didn't even pay rent, either...just dined and dashed....

24.07.2019 08:36

Yes, earwigs can be an issue in straw. I have them here but they don't do too much damage. There is a product called Sluggo Plus that will get rid of slugs, snails and earwigs and it's still safe to use on produce that is going to be consumed. Earwigs are also attracted to olive oil with a dash of soy sauce in it. They will crawl in by the thousands and drown. It's very satisfying.....LOL.....

24.07.2019 17:43