HARVESTING Potatoes Grown in Straw

The time has finally come! Today we are harvesting the potatoes that I planted in straw. I have always had such great luck growing in straw so I planted potatoes in the newest garden (The Jose the Neighbor Garden). The garden is a first year lasagna style garden where we incorporate straw bale gardening and the Ruth Stout method all into one. So come along and see how the straw grown potatoes did! Thanks for watching!

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26.07.2019 06:35

I am not an expert gardener, but we only get about 10 pounds of yield from a 5 pound bag of seed potatoes. I would say your yields are pretty good, and the best thing is that it looks considerably easier to harvest compared to planting in the dirt. I always accidentally hit a few of the potatoes when I am digging them up.

27.07.2019 01:03

Yes, the harvest was quite respectable. Growing in straw has been the easiest method for potatoes in my experience. They are very easy to plant and harvest. They come out very clean as well. I wouldn't grow my spuds any other way.

27.07.2019 04:43