Dear steemians receive warm greetings from @breeze.com. It is with much joy and optimistic mindset that I present to you my entry for this wonderful context. I thank @thegreens for such a wonderful initiative.

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To start with, I will like us to reflect on some thoughts;

  • Do you want to start up a new business?
  • Do you want to quit a bad habit that has been bordering you for years?
  • Do you have trouble meeting up with your financial needs?
  • Do you have low self-esteem?

If you have been wondering and battling with one or some of those thoughts then I put to you, that you are not alone . They are millions of people out there wondering over the same thoughts .My beautiful people this post titled " The power of the mind” is inspired by a personal life experience. Permit me share with you.

I am am from a poor family background though happy , we could hardly meet our financial needs. I kept wondering what I could do to raise my standards of living and that of my family .But that seem impossible because I had nothing as financial capital to start up with. However I remained optimistic and always kept a positive mind set. One day while passing at th university gate in bambili around august 2007 I realize a lot of people had files in their hands and the place was looking so busy and congested.By the then it was called the higher teachers training college (HTTC )Bambili uder the university of Yaounde 1. And I was a Lower Sixth student in the Cameroon college of arts science and technology (CCAST )Bambili. I came back from school one day after been beaten very well by hunger I immediately put my mind to work. I made up my mind to be of help to those new students who just came in seeking to apply for the competitive entrance to the HTTC BAMBILI. Many of them were stranded and didn’t know which office to go to, so i volunteered to act as a guide showing them each office were they could receive the much needed services like applying for medical certificate and get their registration forms stamped and approved. Being a secondary school student by then it was not easy directing and even assisting most new comers who had already had advanced level and more knowlegeable than myself.I even assisted some fill their forms for the compilation process.

I was intend motivated with cash and verbal appraisals in most cases. We were given holidays in a few days and I took it as temporal employment .Behold I was able to save money which I used it to buy a clipper and stamped envelopes. I filled documents, clip pictures on them and sold stamped envelopes.This was my startup capital and from there I was able to purchase a a small digital camera and past questions.I used the small digital camera to take instant passport photos while selling past questions to candidates who wished to go in for the entance examination. I was able to take care of myself and my sister without bodering my parents. I later saved money to acquire the NIKon D5100 professional camera (350000 frs CFA by then)

Canon D5100

and a canon mini passport printer (worth 90 0000frs CFA ) which I am still using till date at breeze documentation

Mini Canon photo printer

and the story continues................

Dear steemians it all started in the mind, your mind is a startup point where every good or bad plan is conceived and grows…you want to be rich? change your mind set now and think ideas that will make you rich,you want to impact lives? Work on your mind set.No wonder Megan Blatchford peck admits “I am seven times world chapion and mind power techniques were a huge factor in my success". Also, jim man says "I raise millions of dollars with mind power and saved our company”
@yeesja puts it in his article (MY HEART BLEEDS FOR AFRICAN YOUTHS)
“LET’S SAY NO TO BAD GOVERNANCE IN AFRICA, NO TO GUNS…….) This is indeed possible if we start cultivating a positive mindset …
To sum up my fellow steemiams we can build a positive mindset by;

  • Excersing regularly
  • Praying regularly
  • Remaining socially involved (keep steeming is one of the ways you can remain socially active)
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Staying connected to positive thinking people etc.

"Remember optimistism remains the watch word"

Thanks for reading


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Waaw that's a very good of you

18.05.2021 10:03

Thank you for observation and reading through

18.05.2021 13:06

This is a very captivating report that motivates. Your report should inspire other youths to be resourceful and not relent.

18.05.2021 10:06

Thanks you very much Sir.Coming from a father that you are i am encouraged.

18.05.2021 13:04


18.05.2021 10:17

it all started in the mind, your mind is a startup point where every good or bad plan is conceived and grows

Actually my brother everything is evolved in the mind. It's is the warehouse of everything you do in life comes from your mind. So set yourself on a positive stand and Tim there you will be able to overcome them like you did. Great method you did with becoming successful in life despite your background

twopercent #cameroon

18.05.2021 15:25

Thank you for reading and feedback .i appreciate your apprasal..

18.05.2021 17:59

Like u rightly said dear everything is being achieved first in our minds before we ever start working up on it. I love your mind set and focus in achieving your goals. You went for what u wanted despite all the challenges. I pray the good lord continue to uplift u

18.05.2021 21:06

Thank you so much @tifuh .you know writting with what you have been through is much easy to express your mind.Thank you for visiting my post and may God uplift you even higher....

18.05.2021 23:33

If I had never been to Bambili before I could say you just picked up this story from somewhere. People actually feed on this.

I remember my first time of being in the university 2015. I was really stranded. One guy helped me out the whole day. From office to office. He even filled my form A for me. I was really happy. I appreciated him with cash. It was indeed a relieve to find someone I can trust to aid me. Thank you so much for this write up it really all behind from the mind.




19.05.2021 10:29

Wow thank you so much @craxywriter .i can imagine how you could be stranded.Yes people make alot of money from that . It is a seasonal kind of employment but the crisis has made things slow for the guys who still do that.....Thanks for reading , would have replied earlier but network in bambili today is horrible ....(lol) Hope your day was splendid?

19.05.2021 18:38

The power of the mind🔥🔥 really it is said despise not the days of little beginnings. Thanks fir sharing your great story, people may see the glory now and criticise not knowing the story. Just keep pushing bro God is in control

22.05.2021 11:44

Thank you @majerius for reading.people always want to see the glory

22.05.2021 12:48

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22.05.2021 16:49

Thank you so much for your great support @steemcurator04 .We will keep the community burning by steeming......

23.05.2021 06:30

What an inspiring story. I wish more and more young people can take up the challenge and seize every opportunity to make life easy for others. That was very smart of you and instead of sitting and complaining, its important we sit and think of how we can make a difference. Thanks for putting this together @breeze.com

25.05.2021 13:28

Thank you so much @thegreens .I am encouraged. Being part of the solution is what i always go for .Thank you so much for reading

25.05.2021 20:29

Muy interesante, yo pienso que la educación va de la mano del optimismo, de las ganas de evolucionar y trabajar, del ahorro de la inversión, me pareció una historia conmovedora y estoy muy de acuerdo Con muchas de las ideas que llamaste aquí en tu escrito.

26.05.2021 23:29

Holla.Wow interesting. But i guess this is spanish?? I don't understand Spanish but i will like to learn.so hope you will be willing to teach me @crisch23

27.05.2021 09:24

Yo aprieto un botón de traducir y leo en varios idiomas jajajaja

27.05.2021 10:04

Ok thank you @crisch23 .I will try to get a translating medium

28.05.2021 22:02

Yo utilizo Google traductor

29.05.2021 12:20

Oh that is right...i will use it. So do you speak a little bit of English @crisch23 ?

29.05.2021 20:48

Cero bueno muy poco casi cero me ayuda el traductor de google

29.05.2021 21:25

Ok.That is good.It is just that at times google does not bring out the real meaning but it is good.


30.05.2021 08:16

Al menos nos ayuda a romper las barreras del idioma y unirnos como hermanos en esta plataforma el cual es muy variadas hasta en chino leo post y eso no lo hubiera podido lograr sin este traductor.

At least it helps us break the language barriers and unite as brothers on this platform which is very varied even in Chinese I read post and that would not have been possible without this translator

30.05.2021 11:36