Space Hulk - my opinion

In Space Hulk we play the role of the commander of the Space Marines unit from the Legion of Blood Angels. Our task is to investigate the huge wreck of the spacecraft - the "Sin of Damnation" - on which the presence of the race of genocide was detected. During the game we will have to undertake various missions - sealing the entrances, escorting an important cargo, eradicating the infection and so on. In fact, each of them basically boils down to the same thing, i.e. effective fight against the enemy. But because each time our tactical situation changes, the units over which we have control and above all the map, I did not feel bored. Each level was a new and joyful challenge for me. And that despite the fact that the plot does not exist here.

Sure, there are some briefings (fortunately not very long), as if the next mission results somehow from the previous one, but it's drinking on water. Without this atmosphere the game wouldn't have lost anything. There is also no consistency - the Marines who died during one task somehow come to life in some miraculous way to appear on duty for the next one. Although it would be enough to change their name, because from the face - that is, from the helmet - almost everyone looks identical anyway. But it's a trifle, no one is expecting a sensational, multithreaded story from Space Hulk.
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The main campaign consists of 12 missions and we have 3 additional missions in the tutorial. The tutorial is simple, it allows you to easily learn the mechanics of the game and does not irritate with idiotic messages like "Now move the mouse cursor! It's worth going through it to get acquainted with how it works, what it does and what you need it for. Although we can learn everything without any problem during the game, in a few situations it can be expensive to learn.

Each Space Marine unit has four action points that can be spent on movement, attack, use of abilities or contextual action (such as opening a door). In addition, there is also a pool of additional points changing every turn, to be used by any of our chosen units. The key to victory is to manage these action points wisely and - no need to deceive yourself - happiness.

The game takes place mainly in tight corridors, and genocide comes from all over the world. Skillful positioning of our warriors and avoiding melee fighting is very important here. There are always more enemies than us, and standing in a row is a quick way to lose. Units do not shoot each other, even a rotation from 180 degrees costs 2 action points, and close encounters with opponents is a lottery, which - the law of statistics - they always win.
After all, everything is based on bones - in order for a given action to succeed, we need to "throw" a specific value on six-sided dice. As long as we shoot from a safe distance, we risk only shortening it. Well, unless the weapon gets jammed or explodes. In close combat, a lower score means immediate death.

I would be lying if I said that Space Hulk is extremely difficult. Quite quickly I switched to the highest level of difficulty, because the normal challenges - although exciting - were too simple. It doesn't mean, of course, that I would recommend it to everyone - the difference may not be drastic, but it's clear and it's a pity to be unnecessarily frustrated if the normal level is satisfactory for us.

The graphics do not impress. What's more, the game looks as if it was from a good few years ago. For me it's an advantage, after all I've never paid too much attention to it in this type of titles, and thanks to that Space Hulk easily runs on my already well-deserved hardware. The battlefield is displayed in isometric view, the camera can be freely manipulated - move, zoom in and out. I like the small viewfinder in the corner of the screen, showing what is actually seen by the Space Marine chosen by us - a nice atmosphere. We also have a schematic tactical view that allows us to grasp the whole map and check, for example, the way to reach our destination.
The music is ok. The sublime, pathetic sounds of the choirs, so characteristic of the Warhammer 40k, accompany us only in the menu and during the briefings. During the mission there is a deafening silence, interrupted only by shouts, sounds of gunshots and explosions. The sound is... all right, no fireworks.

To sum up, Space Hulk is in my opinion a must-have for fans of turn-based tactical games and the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The atmosphere was really good and the gameplay gives a lot of fun.

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