Is The Big Boom In Social Media Blockchain Coming Now?


Is the breakthrough of social media tokens coming now?

By a prophecy of @the-prophet there will be a run on the social media token. Recently, many tokens like Leo, Hive and Steemit have been doing well. Our platforms are becoming more popular among the masses, also because the price of a token has become interesting again. Facebook is considered to be a discontinued model, and without Instagram and WhatsApp it would perhaps no longer be relevant.
New data hacks and stolen identities are causing more and more problems for Facebook. The active and smart users are looking for alternatives and one of them are the social media blockchains. There are also many higher security measures and identities cannot be stolen so easily. The sluggish mass of Facebook users don't care about security, and as long as something works, it will be used. However, this mass can be lured by another factor, the fact that only the social blockchains offer a monetary reward, and that argument always counts. The price plays a big role, because it should not fluctuate too much and be reasonably high.
Some developing countries have recognized this trend very early. While their own state currency is weak, the social Blockchain can provide a remedy. The transaction costs are very low and new business models can be implemented quickly and easily. The power of the state is thus weakened and some countries then simply ban all cryptocurrencies.
Can the trend of social blockchain be interrupted with this? I guess there might be a small setback but it won't break the trend. As soon as the inert masses enter the playing field, the party can really get started and then we will see what the governments of the world come up with.

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