High Tech Clothing and The Implications.


Clothing with electronic devices interwoven into the fabric is now a reality.  These wearable electronic devices are very flexible and can be worn all day long comfortably, so they claim.

A Korean Dr at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology has developed a fibrous transistor that can be put into clothing.  These wearable electronic textiles are machine washable, but no mention if dry clean or dryer safe.

These fibrous transistors are small enough to fit on a single thread and can connect various devices to clothing for sale in the near future.

These transistors are strategically placed between clothing threads that can measure your heart’s unique beat and frequency signals via signal amplification.  In simple terms,  “they” can monitor you via your heartbeat.

Powerful measurable electromagnetic fields aka (EMFs) are generated by the heart and brain.  Studies have proven the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body and your brain comes in at second.

These frequencies can be measured with an electrocardiogram or ECG for short.  Several studies show this field can be detected and measured several feet away from a person’s body.  One experiment concluded that there is a measured exchange of energy between two people via their hearts.

Like fingerprints, facial recognition, iris recognition, or your heart can be used to identify you.  Each person’s heart is unique by shape, size, heart valves, your heart beat which has a unique frequency rhythm, and frequency.  Each person’s vibrational frequency of their bodies and each organ is unique to that individual just as their fingerprints are.

This technology is a way a company could monitor you and create a database of your heartbeat and use it for identification purposes as a unique identifier of you.

Cardio security is another term used for heartbeat identification.  A heartbeat is considered more secure form of ID than fingerprints which can be forged.

Profound implications on the use of this technology.  The examples are, who has the rights to the information, how secure is this information, and how will this information be transmitted via Wi-Fi or a satellite, encryption?

They can track your every move via your heartbeat.  Can you just opt out of tracking capability in your clothes like turning off the location tracking on your phone?  Would you be even informed at time of purchase that your new outfits can track you?  Mandatory tracking of your heartbeat required by law?

Let’s ponder the potential nefarious possibilities this technology could be used for.  Tracking by governments and not just by your own government.  Law enforcement, parents tracking their kids, spouses spying on potential cheating mates, stalkers, employers, kids in schools, apps for your phone will track every heart beat as well as have all access to your cell phone’s information and location.  Social media may want this information for their big data files to tailor a marketing plan that fits you specifically with your unique body frequency to persuade you easily buy something.

An article in the New York Times declared that the US military has capacity to beam spoken words into your head.  The target can be so precise that they can zero in on 1 person to beam these words into their brains. Rumors are afloat on the alternative sites for years that you can be tracked by your brain and heart frequency signatures. Term used is sonic warfare. Now we know how they can zero in on a target that way.

By being able to track you with your specific cardio frequency, you could be a target for sonic warfare.  Sonic warfare uses sounds or microwave radiation directed to a specific target.

Sonic warfare uses sound as a frequency to injure, immobilize, or kill a target.  This technology is currently being used by the military and law enforcement for crowd control and specific target(s).   This device uses of sound waves which is a frequency that can be used to repel people by creating uneasy feelings in the person (s), cause nausea, discomfort, or put you into the past tense.

With the awareness of all this technology out there and high tech wearables or smart clothing for monitoring does bring a sense of uneasiness maybe?

Here is what is possible at this point.

This technology interwoven into smart clothing will be used in the near future for accessing your ATM, logging into your laptop, cell phone and will be used to show proof of your identity to make purchases, sign contracts, and the other possibilities are endless.  If law enforcement tracks you with cardio security do they need a warrant?  Could your heart’s energy signature be cloned and someone takes over your life?

We have to ask ourselves to keep our information and identity secure, what regulations should be in place for this data and it’s use? Always think and question things do your own research to be better informed.






Thanks to: Photo by Michael Faes  at freeimages.com

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