Da Nang Itinerary 3

Da Nang Itinerary 3

Finally, the morning of the last day was bright. I was really grateful that the weather was very good while my family was in Da Nang.

If the rain came, how would it go outside in this wet country? I should have stayed in the hostel almost every day. ^^


The children are spreading hot from early dawn, lowering the temperature of the air conditioner and turning the fan as fast as the fan on the ceiling.


If it was Korea, it is a good time, but the sun shines so fast that it is children who wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning without waking up.

So when I went to breakfast I was very comfortable. Meals were served as a buffet breakfast at the hotel, but in the case of Hyatt, there is a main restaurant at the Greenhouse and a sub restaurant at the main pool. They both get the same food and get the same service. Green House is crowded people, sub-restaurant is a place to go to see the people go ^ ^


Barnhill is a 50-minute drive from the Hyatt. Our family knew it took 1 hour and 50 minutes and moved out at 9:00 pm, but that was a good number. I had to wait an hour to get to the cable car because there are so many Vietnamese and tourists in the morning time zone. If you are going to Barna Hill, please leave early in the morning to reduce the cable car waiting time as much as possible, I recommend going up wildly.


While I was on my way to Barnhill, I got out of the city and ran the local road for a while, and the road was fine.


Finally, Barnah Hill arrives! #SUNWORLD seems to be the official name of this place ^ ^ Because it is a ticket for a little more than 30,000 won per person, it may be a burdensome price for the locals, but many Vietnamese people are visiting here.


It took about an hour and I finally got on the cable car. Wow how hot it is ....

Luckily, I'm glad that if you ride a cable car, the wind will come in smoothly and cool down.

And as the altitude goes up, the temperature drops and it gets cooler and cooler. haha


When you climb up a cable car, you can see these valleys, and the height is really staggering.

Besides, the speed was so fast that I was a bit scared every time I passed through the middle middle tower.


It was still early, but it was cool because there was cable car speed and was windy. I just got wet clothes ^ ^

I took a piece of here, and when I came on this trip, I put my power in my usual sunglasses. The full mirror looks too chilly, so I made it half mirror, but I like it very much. Coloration and gradation quality were also very good. The work is called XX House of # glasses which operated eyeglasses shop for quite a long time in Yeongdeungpo Mullae-dong. The boss is kind and it is a place to trust because it is professional once. Sunglasses among those wearing glasses # If you are worried about putting too many lenses, please contact me once ~


Take a 20-minute cable car to get to the top of Barna Hill. There is a place to change once in the middle. It is where the Golden Bridge and the wine cellar are located, but I recommend you to come down. My family moved right up to the summit.


It seems to be about 1300m above sea level. First, the temperature was low and it was pleasant. The sky is so clear and green, it is a place that I thought was good.


My family arrived at the summit at 12 o'clock, and I did not feel like there was a lot of people, but when I came back down to lunch, the real people seemed to be very watery.


We had lunch at a restaurant with a terrace, and the price was definitely expensive. I think it was high price because it is a famous sightseeing spot and there is a high place. It seemed that nine people gave me 13-140 thousand won.

When I came down for lunch, it was about 1:00 pm and people got tight. This status will be maintained by one o'clock. We recommend you go back as soon as possible and head towards the Golden Bridge. I can not take pictures. I just walked past and there were so many people that I did not have time to take pictures of family photos.


Inside, there is a space where you can ride an indoor playground, which is called a fantasy park. Admission is free.


And most of the children's playgrounds were limited to boarding less than 120cm, so the kindergarten kids had to ride all the time. Likewise it is free. ^^


And the # rail bike that became famous on the battle trip? It was so popular that there was a waiting time of about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We did not have time, so we went to # Ganghwa and escaped.


I got down the cable car and went down to the Golden Bridge where I had a look. It is a shape where the palm rests on the bridge.


It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to make a round trip. It is a time-consuming process because it is difficult for people to stop going to take photos of the big picture with their fingers and go out for it.


After about three hours of touring around Barnah Hill, I came down to the ground. Our daughter was exhausted and our wife seemed to have a good feeling. haha

At the end of our visit, our visit to our Vietnam tourist destination was completed.


The schedule for returning to Korea will now begin. I have not been able to take pictures since I have too much power in Barnhill.


First of all, I went to the restaurant called # Naharang Nga to eat the boxer that was on the battle trip.

I do not trust 100% of restaurants in TV Pro, but I visited because it was a huge risk to visit anywhere here ..... The conclusion was very poor. I did not have basic communication with the staff. The food was not very good either.

The best restaurant I've been to in Vietnam is # Rambien, the next is a hotel restaurant. ^^ ;;


We had a last meal in Vietnam and headed to Da Nang Azit Massage. After finishing the massage, take a shower and ride the plane.

The azit massage was worse than the herbal spa I used to go to. From the entrance, it is like a shop that does not know whether it is a clothes shop or a shoe store. I also feel that the massage is a little rough and I am not an expert. It is kind of basically, but when I think about the essence of massage, I felt it was definitely lacking than Herbal Spa.


Anyway, after massaging, I finished the shower and went to the airport. I arrived in 15 minutes because it was close to the street and I was able to check in without a long waiting time. It would be perfect if you go two hours and 30 minutes before your flight. It is good to shop because there is Lotte Duty Free shop in the airport .. There is plenty of resting place and it was cool to wait.


This is my family of four days and three nights in Da Nang, Vietnam. It was a great experience that I had a great feeling that I had traveled with my family for a long time.


If you express your impression of a trip to DaNang in Vietnam with a few words ... hot, hot, hot .... # rice noodles.

I would like to go there.

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