Parallel universes: the dream portal


My name is Jaidev F. Radhav N. I will undertake the greatest search of my life, my greatest passion, and as of today, this will be my diary, my personal record of all the events during my search. I am considered a fool, a loser, a gullible who wants to escape from reality for being interested in this, for wanting to unveil the command that covers part of what is hidden from our eyes, for not having the same pattern of interests as others.

If you are reading these lines, you will wonder what I mean; Well, it's about the world of dreams, but wait, not only from dreams, but from a theory that occurred to me for a couple of years: dreams as a kind of portal to parallel realities. I know, it may sound weird or crazy at first, but the worst thing we can do is refuse the existence of something that really can't be refuted with evidence.

This interest arose from my childhood, since I have always had many dreams, every night practically, sometimes more than 3 in the same night, they happen even in my naps. They are always very varied, some good, interesting, even wonderful, others frightening, "I have died" in some of them; During these dreams, I experience each thing very real, it is as if I could use the 5 senses in them.

In almost all "it is me" under a type of circumstance similar or very different from "my real life", in others I am a spectator or both at the same time, I have even been able to be several different people. So, I wonder, what if it's not just dreams? It could be something else, they can be realities in other parallel worlds, I think. This is not just my thing, even physicists have talked about the existence of parallel worlds. What can be experienced during a dream, is very curious and interesting.

Perhaps it works this way: every time someone makes a decision, a series of alternative universes is created where any other decision is possible and where events have a very different result (of course, we do not know then what would be the source of the “true reality ”, because perhaps what is real to me is a parallel universe for someone else), so when we sleep, in our dreams, we can get to access these parallel universes and see in the dream world how our life goes completely different from the "reality".

Our species has sought for thousands of years the meaning of dreams: practically all ancient civilizations gave some meaning that goes beyond the visible to all: the Greeks and Romans believed that dreams were messages from the gods, in the ancient China people thought that dreams were an access to the world of the dead. The Egyptians were convinced that those who came to interpret the dream would possess special powers. Many Native American tribes were convinced that dreams were a different world that we visited when we slept.

All this is left behind, only as tales of "a very active imagination" when some doctors and experts gave an explanation "more in line with the logic of dreams." They claim that these are expressions of thoughts, feelings and events that go through our mind while we are sleeping, a way in which the unconscious expresses many desires, an escape valve for our worries. This all sounds very credible, maybe it is, but why not think of other alternatives? Why not look for something else? Perhaps they have only been able to access the tip of the iceberg, perhaps they are completely wrong, that is, they still cannot explain many enigmas about dreams.

I cannot be the only one who is interested in this, imagine it: you can explore other worlds, other types of beings, or even other versions of yourself, this person's life would be identical to yours in all aspects. However, there are certain things that both would do differently. Maybe he or she has married a completely different person or would take a different career, has different hobbies, looks different ... (I myself have been married in the world of dreams). Perhaps in those other realities the great historical events had different results.

I have researched a lot, I have talked with all kinds of people, psychiatrists, spiritual teachers, religious, physicists ... I have learned a lot about sleep, its mechanisms, about pharmacological drugs to control it, even rituals that are related to it. On the way they have called me deranged, others make fun of me and spit my face, however, I have always managed to find people who support me, mainly Master Mooji Prem, I have learned a lot from him, he has guided me in the spiritual world, He gave his support, he cares about me and he has always warned me of the possible dangers of what I do, his main concern is that he is trapped in some way in another reality.

I have made some progress, I can really feel it, control the situation a bit, I managed to visit other realities, but I could only keep it for seconds, minutes maybe, I must try harder, I must find a way to control it completely and get evidence, I do not The risks matter, no matter that I have to work on it day and night, I know I will succeed, I will open the door to the unknown.

This text covers the first pages of a small leather notebook that was found next to the 23-year-old math student at the University of Manchester Jaidev Radhav, who for 4 months was found “sleep” in his apartment after being reported as disappeared 11 days before.

In this department were found multiple anesthetic drugs and various texts related to the theme written in his notebook; other short texts, drawings and even species of machine drawings and procedures that are not entirely clear are found on the pages of the same. According to reports, the boy is still alive, because all his vital signs are within the normal range, however he has not woken up from "his deep sleep". The case has baffled the medical community. For its part, the police force continues with investigations to clarify the strange events related to the case.

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