A mad man tale (II)


Why? Why do we suffer from this disorder? Is it really possible to suffer from something similar? Or is it just an invention? These are the questions posed by the people around us, those who do not have a remote idea of ​​the complex psychological world, including many of us, those condemned to this curse, most are unable to see it.

I have the answer, I have managed to see the truth through the storm of madness, through the labyrinth of the mind.

Each of our "personalities" appeared after some important and traumatic event, something that we were not able to handle, so, as a mechanism of escape, of defense, we created someone who could do it. Little by little they accumulate, until they get to the point of losing themselves in your own mind, without identity, without being able to be who you really are, without finding yourself, without remembering who you are.

Do you know who is responsible in many cases? Our "loved ones", yes, our mother, father, brothers, relatives, friends, sometimes those who are supposed to love us and protect us, in reality it is they who with their actions rip us piece by piece, fill us with gaps that force us to fill with new invented parts in our mind, "stronger and capable of handle life" ...

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