A mad man tale: Devil's letter


Remember me. Remember me when you feel lonely, sad and humiliated, when the world despises you and spits your face, when there is no one for you, no one to love you. Remember me when you feel anger and hate burn in your heart, when in your mind the most horrible thoughts arise, remember me, in your nightmares, those that make you wake up in the middle of the night screaming, remind me when you feel an infinite void , a hole in your soul that cannot be filled with anything.

Remember me when you feel chills in the back and fear takes over you, to the point that you no longer exist, but just be a puppet of fear, remember me when grief, desolation and guilt get into bed with you in the middle of the night and don't let you sleep. Remember me when you're desperate, on the verge of madness.

Remember me, always remember me; until the cold, dry and fetid kiss of death takes you to my arms, to eternal life, where you will want to die every second, but you will be in my hands for the rest of eternity.

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