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Bozz Eats: Ye Olde Durty Bird - Toledo, OH


If you follow me (you're missing out if you don't!), I mentioned in this post, that occasionally @mrsbozz and I travel from our home down to Toldeo, OH to meet her sisters family for lunch.

They live in the Columbus, Ohio area and it is just about a two hour drive for each of us. That makes it the perfect spot to meet up and spend some time together.

I have written several reviews about these trips in the past. One was a pizza place and the other was a BBQ joint.


This time the decision on where to meet up was left to our younger niece and myself. She did her due diligence narrowing the choices down to two places then left the final decision to me.

After looking at the menu's, I quickly decided Ye Olde Durty Bird was our best bet. After I made the choice she confided in me that she was leaning towards the Durty Bird as well!

I wasn't sure how traffic was going to be heading down to Toledo, especially around Ann Arbor because of the moron U of M tailgaters (I'm a State fan :) ). It ended up not being too bad and we actually got to the restaurant about twenty minutes before our family.


We noticed they had a nice outdoor eating area, but my brother in law isn't a fan of open air eating like that, so we knew that was probably off the table. We had to talk through the establishment to find the hostess podium before we could be seated.


Just passed the outdoor area is this indoor area with open sides that we thought would be a good compromise for all of us.


This bar is located behind where I was standing when I took the last picture and it services the two indoor/outdoor dining areas.


As you continue inside there are more seating areas.


As well as a larger bar area with a stage where they apparently have live music at night on the weekends. From the looks of the webpage, this is a pretty popular place.


Here is a really blurry picture of the stage. I apologize for that.

If you are from Toldeo, please correct me if I am wrong, but the whole downtown area just feels kind of run down to me. It doesn't have the activity that I feel it should for such a large city. I imagine when there is a Mud Hens baseball game going on they probably see some more traffic, but that wasn't the case this day.

Like much of the world, we have had some pretty hot weather lately and this was one of the first really nice, comfortable days we have had in a while. We saw the occasional person walking to Yoga class with their matts, but not much more than that.


This is a history of the Durty Bird, hopefully you can read it. I also got some shots of their cocktail menu and their daily specials. If you want to see their full menu, I encourage you to visit their website. The readability will be much better than my photos.




After all of our dining party arrived, we quickly ordered our drinks and an appetizer order of the onion rings. I didn't get a picture of them, but they were fantstic and gone within seconds.

Our waiter was very attentive even as the place started filling in with the lunch crowd.

With our party of six I'd say we had our food in less than thirty minutes from the time we ordered it.


I have a bit of a sensitive stomach when it comes to excessive carbs, and I knew we were going to be doing some shopping after lunch, so I opted to share a dish with @mrsbozz.

We got the Santa Fe Turkey Bacon Wrap with a side of mac and cheese. The wrap was okay, but nothing Earth shattering. It tasted about the same as every other turkey wrap I have ever had.

The mac and cheese on the other had was phenomenal and we were soon lamenting the fact that we got the side portion of it and not the full appetizer portion to share.



Our nieces both got burgers. The oldest going with just a standard burger and the youngest picking the Durty burger. They both enjoyed them very much. You can tell from the picture that the ingredients were very fresh. That tomato looks amazing in my opinon.

I can personally attest that the fries (chips) were exceptional as well.


My sister in law got the Cuban sandwich. Her and I both have a great affinity for them and it is probably want I would have gotten had I not shared a dish with @mrsbozz.

She gave me a little bit of what she wasn't able to finish herself and I can also attest that it was fantastic.


My brother in law got the Italian grinder style sandwich and the fact that there wasn't anything left on his plate tells me that he was very pleased with it.


I feel our bill was very resasonable, but that tends to be the case when you don't buy alcohol. They did put the onion rings on the wrong bill, but I slipped my sister in law a $10 to cover the cost.

If you are in Toledo, I would totally recommend checking out Ye Olde Durty Bird. The food and atmosphere were pretty phenomenal.

I think it would be a really cool place to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night to listen to some music and have some drinks and a meal with friends.

Restaurant Information

Ye Olde Durty Bird
2 S St Clair St, Toledo, OH 43604, USA

Bozz Eats: Ye Olde Durty Bird - Toledo, OH
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