Bozzlife: #wednesdaywalk and cancer update


It's driving me nuts that I wasn't able to write a post yesterday. I don't know why it should, with #newsteem, it isn't as important that you are constantly producing content right?

Anyway, the reason I wasn't able to write a post is because I was at a professional development conference.

The MiGoogle conference is held every year at a different high school in Michigan. It is basically a day to learn about all of the innovative and exciting things educators are doing with their Gsuite for education accounts.

Gsuite for education is basically a fancy name for all of the applications you have access to with a standard Gmail account. There are some differences though...

  • Businesses have to pay for access to Gsuite, Non profits and education get it for free
  • With a standard Google account Google retains the rights to all material you store on there(unless they changed that), with a Gsuite account, you retain all the rights.
  • Gsuite gives you access to the management console allowing me as an administrator lots of control over all of the accounts in my domain.

I am sure @tattoodjay will forgive me, but this is a very loose interpretation of the #wednesdaywalk rules. In all reality most of my day was spent like you see above. I did have to walk from session to session though, so I think he will let it slide.

My favorite part of the day was probably the keynote speaker. They had a guy named Jake Miller who had a really great message and some very practical things any person (not just teachers) can implement into their lives.

His adoption of the E + R = O event + response = outcome can be applied is so many ways. It was pretty cool to hear some of his stories.


It was also Taco Tuesday, so we got to eat some pretty good food. I don't know about you, but I can't remember school lunch being this good.

It was a great conference, but it is also nice to be back at my desk getting to work.

On a side note, I had my year-two follow up appointment with the oncologist today and it appears that I am still cancer-free. I am really happy about that, if I can have three more years of good results I should be done with those doctors forever (hopefully).

If you want, you can dig waaaaay back in my blog to read about my journey through testicular cancer.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

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Of course I am fine with this counting for #wednesdaywalk even without the tag LOL, and sounds like an interesting event

Thats great news being cancer free may it stay that way

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

06.11.2019 18:41

Thank you!

06.11.2019 19:03

MOst welcome Posted with

06.11.2019 19:44

Glad to hear u are still cancer free my friend!

06.11.2019 18:57

Thank you!

06.11.2019 19:02


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07.11.2019 04:42

Keeping up with changes, walking from session to session, sounds like you had a good time keeping both body and mind in shape.

No meals ever served in our schools, home made sandwiches for twelve years on the trot, so that is quite an impressive lunch @bozz, great to hear you have two years clear.

08.11.2019 09:25