Bozzlife: Doing something new via Dlease

It was a pretty nice weekend for @mrsbozz and myself. She got the day off on Friday because it was the first day of firearm deer season. Believe it or not that is like a national holiday where we work.

Even if the school district decided to have school, half of the students and teachers would still probably not show up (including the Superintendent) so they just give us the day off. Being the Director of Technology, I still had to work. @mrsbozz talked me into taking the day off and we headed down to see her sisters family in Ohio for the weekend.

Taking Friday off means that I was an extra day behind from my normal weekend Steemit hiatus. I really wish everyone would take the weekend off from Steemit like I do. It would make catching up on my Monday mornings much easier! :)

As part of my weekend catch-up, I read this really great post by @exyle. In fact, it was so convincing that I decided to take some of the liquid STEEM that I was waiting to power up and instead use it to lease some SP.

I took 120 liquid STEEM and I am in the process of leasing about 3200 SP over a twelve week period. I am hoping with this lease I can focus a little more on curation and try to see some rewards from that. My average curation efficiency is right around 72% according to SteemWorld, so I am hoping that will be enough for me to see a profit.

If not, I will just have to make some more Steem somehow!

Thanks to @bankofkorea, I see that most of my leases are starting to get filled. I also finally pulled back my delegation from @wherein. I got tired of waiting to see if there is going to be an airdrop and I figured my SP could be better used towards curation than hoping for an airdrop that might not be worth anything.

I am pretty excited to see what kind of return I can get on this lease. Even if it doesn't work out the best for me, it will be nice to have over 10K SP for a while and throw out some moderate votes to those who are deserving of it.

Have you ever leased SP? Did it work out for you? I'd love to hear your experience with it. Dlease seems to make the process very easy. The hardest part is finding that percentage "sweet spot".

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I have never leased SP myself but maybe it’s somehting I should consider also

One question you meant ion curation efficiency shows on Steemworld, I took a look but couldn’t find it where canI see that I am intrigued to see what it says for me

And sorry I am one of those posting on Weekends and creating work for you

Here have a !BEER

18.11.2019 18:40

No worries! :) If you scroll down to the Coming Rewards section of Steem World and click on Curation Rewards and then hit refresh, it will process for a while then show you the average in the top right hand corner.

18.11.2019 18:44

Thanks for that Steemworld has so much info clearly a lot I didnt know about, My efficiency is not to good about 55%, Ohh well it is what it is I guess Posted with

18.11.2019 19:39

For sure. There is average and then another one. I don't now what the difference is between the two numbers. It's all kinds of statistics that are over my head.

18.11.2019 20:24

and well over my head LOL I will just keep doing what I am doing for now Posted with

18.11.2019 23:42

View or trade BEER.

Hey @bozz, here is a little bit of BEER from @tattoodjay for you. Enjoy it!

18.11.2019 18:40

hello happy day and luck i'm just with what little I have

18.11.2019 18:49

I don't think I have leased any, but people have delegated to me before. I delegate out nearly half my SP for free as I am not that bothered about what I make from it. I just want it to be doing good. It might actually scare me if I had way more SP as it brings some responsibility to use it well. Mind you, I can see plenty of underrewarded good posts out there. I get some tokens from the SFR project that I am using to buy votes for others that are bigger than I can give.

18.11.2019 19:19

That is really cool. I am still a long way from being as big as some others out there. I just hope I can see some kind of growth via this. I guess I will never know if I don't try though.

18.11.2019 20:22

Not related to you post but if your wondering what that flag is for...

It seems to be a new deterrent for SBI owners.. the more you have the heavier your flag and started yesterday sometime. Oh.. the joy...

18.11.2019 20:55

That is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Why would they attack people like that?

18.11.2019 22:57

I don't know.. getting no response on the forums.

19.11.2019 07:36

Thanks for the offsetting boost by the way.

18.11.2019 23:51

I know you are telling the truth! I went to school in New Hampshire for one year and they got the first day of hunting off as nobody would show up otherwise, including the teachers.


I try to take the weekends off, but, vacation is the only thing that keeps me away from steemit! :) I merely schedule them to post when I am not here.

That is my new thing anyway. Leasing SP? Hmmm. I don't but there are days I need to!

Have a great night!

18.11.2019 22:36

I just don't have that much to say that I could post every day I don't think. It really depends on the season. I grew up in the country so we always got it off when I was a kid too.

18.11.2019 23:55
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18.11.2019 22:36

me and @slobberchops recently looked at this, I think the verdict was that if you have time for manual curation, then that's better for return, .. but of course, not everyone has so I can see the appeal.

18.11.2019 22:39

Yeah, I actually don't so I am going to wait and see how it works with my auto votes. Since I have the lease I will for sure be doing more manual curation. Thanks for the boost!

18.11.2019 23:53