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Bozzlife: A Random Splinterlands Post


I was pretty excited yesterday when I had these cards drop after doing my daily quest. Specifically because of the Lord Arianthus. It wasn't the last card I needed to level him up or anything, but it does put me one step closer to level 4. I am not sure what extra benefits that will give him, but I am excited to find out.

This season was tough, I was finally able to get my main deck back into the Gold II tier, but man those double rule matches they just introduced are killer. Every time I think I am playing a solidly built hand, I get smeared all over the place. It is pretty embarrassing.

It kind of makes me feel like it would be a waste to put too much more time into the game than I currently do. Hopefully I get some decent cards from the season end today. I probably won't find out until Monday when I log in again.

I really like the changes they have made to the game, I just wish there was a track geared towards casual players to help them not feel like they absolutely suck all the time.


After bouncing around a little, I finally found a guild that I can call home. Thanks @bembelmaniac for accepting me into the Helpie-Caster guild. It seems like a good group of people and though it isn't the largest guild, I think it will be a great place to call home.

It's been a while since I checked the value of my deck. I wonder if I should do that or if it is just best to wait for the prices to start to come back. It might be a bit depressing if I were to check the value right now.

What about you? Do you still feel like SteemMonsters/Splinterlands is worth your time or has it become more of a chore than something you enjoy doing? I had looked into renting out my deck via the Herons project, but it seemed very complicated. I don't really know as though my deck is worth renting out anyway. I feel like a lot of my summoners are pretty low level and that is hindering me from doing better.

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck opening your end of season reward cards! May the RNG gods shower you with all legendary and gold foil cards you ever dreamed of.


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