Why Should You Give Someone a Big Hug?

If you want to make an impression on anyone then you should definitely give someone a big hug. In fact, it has been said, "A hug is the best way to show respect." A hug says, "I care about you and your feelings." Therefore, it is not advisable to greet someone without giving them a hug.


Of course, there are certain situations when giving a hug is not appropriate and it becomes necessary to give someone a big hug. For example, if you have to introduce yourself to a stranger calls you by your first name then you will want to give a big hug. This is because in that case you already know the person and have established some level of connection between you before you even say anything to him/her.

In addition, it is also acceptable to give someone a big hug when you have to congratulate a friend on joining a club or an organization or on his/her promotion at work. Of course, this hug is brief and friendly. The goal of the big hug is to show that you appreciate the friend and want him/her to succeed. In this case, you do not want to be overly intrusive and you will probably want to wait until the friend is safely out of the room before you give him/her a hug.

A big hug can also be given to another person when you are feeling sad, worried or lonely. You might be facing a difficult situation or may be having a difficult day. When you feel lonely and sad then you can give a big hug to somebody. Of course, you do not want to make this person feel uncomfortable so you will probably want to give the hug in a very soft, nurturing manner.

It is also appropriate to give someone a big hug when you are happy. Sometimes you know that your mood has turned sour and you just need some time to yourself. That is why giving a big hug to someone is such a good idea. You will likely feel better for giving a big hug than if you were to push the person away.

It is also a good idea to give a big hug to someone when you are embarrassed. If you have been humiliated in the past or if you are feeling ashamed about yourself then you should give a big hug to a person and help them feel better. This is especially true if the person is someone that you have just met. After all, it is always easier to do something when you are with someone that you already have an emotional connection with.

There are also huge opportunities during the day. If you are attending a party or if there are other people that you would like to shake hands with then you should grab the opportunity to do so. When you do this you will be helping to warm each other's heart and your hand in doing so. It is a very nice gesture that can really mean a lot.

Finally, you should always remember to give a hug to those who are special to you. If you love your parents then you should definitely hug them. If you have family that you are very close to then you should definitely hug them as well. This is a wonderful gesture that can really mean a lot to people and can really brighten their day. You should definitely consider doing it more often as well. After all, these are the people that you want to share wonderful moments with on a daily basis.

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