Challengedac, The Best Task Rewarding App On The Blockchain.

I should have named this post 5 Things you can do with Challenge Dapp, I still don't know why I didn't, maybe if someone make it a challenge on the app, I could. 😎

The idea of using the blockchain to solve many lifes problem is becoming a reality, and the earlier the better we start to adopt this new revolution, be it in the area of health, finance and many more.

But in this case, we now have an app that can stop Procrastination, imagine if my friend @citimillz knows am a chronic Procrastinator, he can decide to make my to do list a challenge, which I can earn points from it by completing the task, trust me, who wouldn't want to complete the task. Everyone of course.

So I bring to you @challengedac an app that can help you make task for your friends and get them excited about completing it, you can also get a group of people to do same, while you tip them a token for completing such a task.

Below is my Challengedac account username


There is a place where you get to see your assets too.


If there is an activity, either the one set up, accepted or you're still doing it, you get to see it here 👇


You can also be part of this mind blowing task rewarding system by downloading and earning from a task


You can also buy the token from Steem engine and Newdex

ChallengeDac Official accounts:
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Twitter: @ChallengeDac
Reddit account:

Go on, challenge someone today.

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This ChallengeDac App lets us send and recieve challenges and the challenge reciever unlocks a Crypto reward if he/she completes the task at a given location.

It is Surely a world class Dapp! Thank you man

23.11.2019 03:11

Thanks for Downloading and Spreading word about the Challenge Dapp @botefarm.

1000 CHLP sent to you via Discord!

Invite your friends to our Discord

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