Public domain

The public domain works are not restricted by copyright and do not require a license or fee to use.

There are millions creative works under public domain; musics, photos, books, movies. If you need works under which is not restricted by copyright your best friend is Google. From there you can explore the whole universe of works free for use and explore.

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Thanks for the post!!
The world had revolutionize!!!
We can access virtually any kind of information and knowledge in just a few clicks.

24.08.2019 07:05

We live in a time like Star Trek.

24.08.2019 10:49

Lol.. Yea.. I agree.. But we are so close to another kinda revolution soon.. I wish i could see how the next 10 years would look like.

25.08.2019 13:30

Great post.. I'm a comic guy so i admire creativity and respect copyright alot!!!

24.08.2019 07:42