Price After the Hardfork continue to decline

No wonder STEEM is heading to a new low. There is nothing new in the "NewSteem". There is no incentive for investors. Old whales who get their free STEEM now can bully newcomers and others without sacrificing profit from their circlejerk. Why would anyone want to buy a Steem?

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all cryptos have a big depression. but after each deep one comes up. do not acidify

28.08.2019 19:05

Can you answer my question? Why would anyone want to buy a Steem?

28.08.2019 19:07

No. I'm done with the topic crypto. I will not invest anymore. through all shorts not only have the price lost to users as well. With every drop in prices, there are fewer users in all crypto projects. short the bitch to death.

28.08.2019 21:03

It seems a paradox ... but, perhaps it is the intention of the whales ... to be alone ... for what? ... or why ?? ...
I don't think they have become foolish from one day to the next.
Something is held.
It could be a collective harakiri or an act of magic.
I will wait

28.08.2019 19:13

When you are rich you seem to be smart. Unfortunately this is often not true. Whales want to maintain their position. They attack others but will eventually be stranded on the shore. Socialism and redistribution of funds simply cannot succeed. Investors are not fools.

28.08.2019 20:29

Lol calm down @boosta. I’m still observing the market right now. I’d give my analysis after gathering enough facts at hand.

Maybe I’ll make a post about it. But from all what I’m seeing right now, this is good news for Steem ✌🏼

28.08.2019 19:53

Can't wait for your post.

28.08.2019 22:34

I made a post. I think u should check it out.

One last question that keeps popping up in my head is "What if this whole reward curve scares good authors away? What would happen to STEEM's price? Would people still wanna hodl STEEM?"

01.09.2019 11:57

worst fork they discourage the author i am also worried what i can do with my power even i can not sell my upvote , 99% people come to steem for earn some money they are disappointed even the steem power investor will not invest for such kind a poor money there are many big paying option available compare to steem

28.08.2019 19:54

😂😂😂😂 obviously. You don’t know what’s going on

28.08.2019 20:23

I'm sorry for this situation. The price is very low and continues to fall.

28.08.2019 20:24

Why would anyone want to buy a Steem?

For the trolls of course.

28.08.2019 20:51

not sure if you need investors. Just a shit load of people buying a few steem each so they can vote on my stuff :)

29.08.2019 01:48


.. XD

29.08.2019 17:15