Nothing to see here

Unfortunately, the first result of the #NewSteem is already visible. Frontpage or Trending page how we called it here is full of STEEM topics and old Steemians. Nothing to see here.


Today opening account on Steemit looks like a desperate move. How much can you earn here, 3$?

Authors didn't come here because of the Blockchain. It was all about the money.

Today you can earn if you are in the Circle-Jerk. They perfected themselves by adding free downvotes to the arsenal of weapons and constant threat.

They even forced bots to vote for them. No one else is left. Perfect! You guys are genius except this place will become a ghost town.

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It’s all true.
That’s why I don’t believe on Steemit trending. And when someone tries to get vote from bots whales comes to downvote them. I also stopped promoting because now I have fear of losing my money.
Now I am not understanding what to do.
Everyone here is for money it’s for sure these whales get so much money for free so they don’t care about others.

Trending is not an option so that now I am following great authors to read.
This platform is not moving towards mass adoption it is moving away from mass adoption

06.09.2019 10:13

Steem always was like place for rich people. Nothing new here.

06.09.2019 17:21
06.09.2019 20:06
06.09.2019 20:05

I still believe in steem but this steem is not that we want where all controls are being in hands of whales.

07.09.2019 03:43

Lol. Review mine too😌😌😌 @whatsup.


07.09.2019 09:15

I believe the future of steem is more brighter soon.

08.09.2019 21:34

They have to put the minnows into consideration as well!

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06.09.2019 10:28

You are right my dear friend but they are not going to do this because they want all profit

06.09.2019 10:45


06.09.2019 12:40

I looked at yours and gave your latest post and upvote.

06.09.2019 20:10

Thats really honor for me to best honest that you have watched my video.. It means a lot @whatsup .. Thank you so much.. Really appreciate that...

06.09.2019 20:14

Thanks for the upvote @whatsup

08.09.2019 21:38

Yeah, I also went to peak if we were making a great user unhappy here.

While I am not a content snob at all, maybe consider changing your content style to be something someone is interested in.

06.09.2019 20:08


08.09.2019 21:35

Yes you are truly right. They stopped others to promote there content and have full control of trending page. Also bidbots are now in there control because they want profit and this can come only when these whales wants to get them.

Very disappointing I thoughts witness are not going to support this but they support and this is now an reality.
We have lossed our independence on this platform because if you do something that they don’t like they will downvote you so if you want money act like them

06.09.2019 10:39

I think @boosta should create an group for all of us to survive on this platform.
We have to fight to get our independence back. #newsteem is fake.

06.09.2019 10:47

It’s really disappointing don’t have any hope.
Curators have no problem at 25% these whales wants to it 50% so that minnows don’t earn anything. And they also do one thing if you get upvotes less than 0.02 then it will decline all things are now in fever of these whales.
If this platform seems to be whales supportive them I think be have done

06.09.2019 10:42

I think they should return this decision because this is going to benefit only whales not minnow.

06.09.2019 10:48

There is still hope for us. If you put your mind and work lore harder.

08.09.2019 21:36

Says the fucking moron who upvoted his own shit post to $8+. Go fuck yourself moron.

06.09.2019 11:38

Unlike you, I bought my STEEM.

06.09.2019 12:11

So that makes you what....a terrible trader and fucking moron?


Congrats on that great purchase!

06.09.2019 14:18

Because you are so smart I just followed your advice. Thanks.

06.09.2019 14:37

Wah wah. That was a wasted upvote, eh??

06.09.2019 21:44

Sweet. U got it all right. I've been saying this even before the hard fork.

So so annoying

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06.09.2019 13:44

Agree. All top is ads only. Really I don't know who are reading that when we can observe promotion any shitty services. Newsteem fix nothing.

06.09.2019 17:28

@boosta, you know what's up. Thanks for keepin' it real.

Sometimes I gets the scraps from the table of the inner circles but I tend to be on the outside more often than not.

I'm afraid the more I talk the less of those scraps I will get but that's the price one pays for honesty.

While many concern themselves with payout alone, they realize not that in this blockchain they make an exhibition of their character... Or the lack thereof.

One day we, our families, our friends and peradventure our distant descendents will be able to look at this chain and learn what kind of people we are.

That's kind of neat to think about. Think we should all encourage each other to curate a stranger or two everyday. It's one thing to vote your buddies and, if they make good content, great.

But to vote the work you appreciate of one you do not know (and maybe get to know that person) is even better.

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06.09.2019 18:33

You're blessed✌💙

06.09.2019 18:54

Really right now?

09.09.2019 05:05

Yes. Right now 😌😌😌 @justineh

09.09.2019 15:21

We'll @boosta why don't u flag all of them trending ones you don't like!

06.09.2019 19:27

The reality is the downvotes have been a very considerable threat to dishonest voting behavior that threatens the the integrity of this platform.

Trending is no longer filled with advertisements and shitposts that can go unchecked. Established voting bots are starting to pivot their businesses into activities that add value such as curation. Large circle jerk networks and self voters are feeling the heat. Although it's still early days, things have been palpably improving.

I also agree that the topics on trending could use more variety. I believe with time and other features, this will come into being.

I see you're sitting on full downvote mana with considerable stake. Have you considered using it to combat abuse and shape trending for the betterment of the platform?

07.09.2019 00:57

This platform right now doesn't have any integrity; neither do you. After three years of reaping this "blockchain," you are now trying to present yourself as someone with integrity. You are on #4 of the accounts with the most payouts, right under @haejin. And I am talking about your smaller, second account - @traf.

Screenshot from 2019-09-07 09-15-33.png

You know better than me what you and your friends were doing here. You are organized in a cartel and now threatening here (with newly created free downvote power) like some mobsters. Don't you think that you are a hypocrite? After you squeezed the last penny here now is time to be fair and honest. Interesting.

07.09.2019 07:58

Closer to a year and a half, but yes not just @traf, other alts (that were never exactly hidden) as well. My self voting was likely at 90-95%+, depending on the period in question.

If only haejin and I were even close to being most of the problem in that period, there wouldn't have been a problem at all.

When you self vote completely you give yourself 100% of your voting rewards. When you sell your vote, you take 100% of the voting rewards and split it between yourself, the bid bot owner, and the vote buyer, the latter two parties likely even less deserving than yourself, the stakeholder.

As you can see, economically speaking, self voting, circle jerking and vote selling are all equivalent. They're all different forms of content indifferent voting behavior that utterly undermines honest voting for proof of brain to be possible.

We were trapped in a broken economy that paid people 4 times more to behave dishonestly than honestly, which is why stakeholders as large as freedom, all the way down (including myself) were participating. Resistance was expensive and futile and the system could no self correct.

The economic changes in NewSteem now changes this. It's no longer futile to fight for honest voting. It's no longer futile futile to fight for the survival of our platform.

I don't know what you mean by me being part of some cartel. I literally have like 1 friend here. And since the HF, every one of our upvotes and downvotes have been entirely honest, and we're no longer pocketing nearly 100% of our voting rewards. I think you'll agree that that's a good thing.

07.09.2019 09:47

You’re still a worthless dick.

07.09.2019 12:54

Always a pleasure Bernie

but honestly, you should come back and be a little more active around here. I probably don't want to hear it from me, but you're a pretty generous person from most accounts.

It's possible for things to get back on track after the new changes. Why just waste your time popping in to butt heads with a few trolls a couple of times a day? Help shape this place into something worth half a shit.

I don't have anything to gain to suck up to you as I don't intend to really post anything. With the new curation % and low price, it's mostly a waste of time rewards wise now for larger stakeholders. I know I know, I can go choke on a chode or whatever.

You're not a bad person bernie, I think I was fed a wrong impression of you when I first got here. Glad to see you, even if it's just to pop in to say hi like that. Take it easy.

07.09.2019 13:13

find me on discord.

10.09.2019 01:20

@boosta, It's funny how people preach what they don't practice. I really haven't been on Steemit since the HF due to some personal reasons. But its so sad to see this beautiful platform becoming a battleground. @boosta, keep being yourself and also keep shining your light in good words and actions!!!💪💪💪

08.09.2019 16:01

That would include flagging you.

07.09.2019 12:53

I just popped in here @boosta to thank you for the manual vote you just put on my post. I rarely ever see votes that size and it is appreciated.

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07.09.2019 07:47

@jk6276... @boosta is one of The best person you can meet here on steemit😜😍 Very generous. @boosta. I appreciate all what you've been doing here. Stay blessed and STEEM on✌

07.09.2019 13:11

I think in next 3 months we see how this new steemit pages works out ... just now I can just say lets find some good posts and upvote them :)

07.09.2019 08:56

When was the last time you or anyone else here went to YouTube to look for content on its Trending page? (I bet few people knew that even existed).

A Trending page consisting mostly of Steem-related posts is, imo, only a problem when there are no other interesting places on Steem to look for content. I would hope that with communities, the global trending page will not be seen as the main attraction on Steemit, but more a special interest place.

My point is that the idea of a Trending page is not really worth pursuing in and off itself. People want to see what they want to see, not what stakeholders and voting circles tells them they should see.

07.09.2019 13:49

Agree nothing spesialy had changed. That people who had small SP amd nor so much Steem will recieve less rewards. And it's sadly.

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07.09.2019 15:18

Thanks for Your upvote 😉

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08.09.2019 13:26

I completely agree with you and in new steem trending post is not at all a good idea beacuse if one use bots to get votes then there are people who downvote with their huge sp and its happening even if content is worth trending.

Now with hf21 we can't even think for mass adoption because for newbies its too difficult to survive.

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08.09.2019 13:59

Thank you for the great work. You inspire me my friend

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09.09.2019 14:33

Certainly mistakes were made. But I still give them my vote of confidence.

Many are not here just for money. Anyway, would you consider this a real job? Is this a stable source of income? I think not.

If anyone came here pretending to be rich, then he deceived himself.

13.09.2019 04:01

Even though the price of steem is still cheap, and despite the many changes that have been made, I still believe that steemit can make people successful. and my step here is full of enthusiasm.

In my opinion, what is happening now is a big opportunity for everyone. because the price of steem is currently very cheap. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get great steem strength. I do not want to miss the opportunities that exist today. I am a laborer. when i have a little money, i will immediately buy steem. I do not want to miss the opportunities that exist today. I want to be a pope here. I want to be like you who have high strength.

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13.09.2019 10:07

It is what it is, it will be what we make of it.

15.09.2019 17:41