John Hickenlooper

By U.S. Department of Agriculture - 20120226-OSEC-LSC-0532, Public Domain, Link

John Hickenlooper suspend 2020 presidential campaign. He becomes fourth Democrat who stop the race for the White House.

This morning, I’m announcing that I’m no longer running for President. While this campaign didn’t have the outcome we were hoping for, every moment has been worthwhile & I’m thankful to our entire team.

Any comments about this candidate?

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@boosta. It's a nice move from him tho... I'm made to aware that He is also interested in the US senate come 2020🤔. Perhaps he has weighed his options, decided to let go of the presidential race which is obviously a tough race already and focus on the one that wouldn't be that tough and expensive. [My view]

17.08.2019 00:35

Thank you for your comments guys. I appreciate it. In this case, without real support, his move was expected.

17.08.2019 06:52

Yes dear✌💓

17.08.2019 07:06

He understands better why he's no longer running. I'm also kinda into politics too so i understand the pressure he might have felt and the weight might have been too much amidst other potentials reasons for stepping down. He's not gonna stop running the political race any time soon. He's a politician so i guess he's playing a card that's gonna favour him at the moment. I wish him best of luck in his decisions.

17.08.2019 00:49