Happy International Dog Day!

International Dog Day was founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige and its celebrated annually every August 26th. What is your favorite dog breed and why?

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@boosta, In my mind i don't have any particular breed but i like one Dog which protects our house every day. It's a Street Dog but whenever it comes around feels like our best friend is around us. Stay blessed.

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26.08.2019 23:11

I love animals specifically dog

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26.08.2019 23:23

American bull dog 🐕 will always catch my attention. German Shepherd dog 🐶 and Rottweileler are my brother’favorite.

I love ❤️American Eskimo dog... so so cute🥳😻

26.08.2019 23:28

I had all these dogs except American bull dog. German Shepherd is really something special. The dog. I'm a bird-watcher now :).

27.08.2019 09:14

Cool @boosta. Seems you’re a dog person too😍✌🏼 Just like me

28.08.2019 14:30

I love all dogs generally but the German sherperds are my favorite cos they're smart, energetic and have proven to be useful to man in all areas especially security. What breed is your favorite @boosta?

27.08.2019 00:20

Happy International Dog's day... I LOVE VIRTUALLY ALL ANIMALS AS LONG AS THEY DON'T BITE ME... LOL.. I love the Pomeranian breed cos they so cute and portable.. I think they are a breed for females and also don't require alotta space.

27.08.2019 00:33