Okay, guys, we will be talking about Radix. It's building basically for the decentralized finance and may I tell you that currently the decentralized finance is not up to 1% of the global GDP and many people will start transitioning to the decentralized finance very very soon. We are talking about the value of about $10b dollars. So the decentralized finance will grow at a rapid rate.

And then we have things like apart from Defi we have new frontiers now called the rare digital goods called NFT(Non-Fungible Tokens). So when we are talking about standards like ERC115, ERC720, and others so it's, unlike the ERC20 that is commonly used for ICO.
So Defi is definitely going to grow and Radix is going to solve all the problems plaguing Defi right now like high fees, not scalable and that’s not composable and the rest of them.

So we will talk about some of the investors, the team, the vacancies available if you want to work with Radix.


For the investors, we have the likes of LocalGlobe, they have invested in Radix, Maven II Capital, Xsquare, and Taavet Hinrikus, so he is the guy in charge of transferwise. So transferwise is an App we usually use to transfer money from one place to another. So it’s a remittance App.


We have Dan Hughes, this guy has been involved in building systems and mobile systems. He is the founder and CTO, Chief Technology Officer. We have Piers Ridyard the CEO. This is the guy that is usually at the camera.


So what are some of the vacancies available right now? There is a distributed system Architect if you know about that. Head of community, DevOps Engineer.

And you can also take a look at the Whitepapers. Defi whitepapers, consensus whitepapers, economic whitepapers. And then if you don’t have the skills to work in this platform, you can become a Radvocate with this initiative you can actually earn tokens for writing articles, for doing videos like this, for designing infographics, for hosting events, for doing translation work.

So Radix is a platform you will like to look into either you are coming as an investor or you are coming as to work as the vacancies or you want to be part of the Radvocate program to just contribute to the system or maybe you want to build your own kind of platform.
Thank you very much for reading this piece.

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