Compete for $40k prize with Elrond Network

The Elrond blockchain is ready to launch. We are submitting it for one last public round of testing to showcase its capabilities ahead of minting the Genesis Block. Battle of Nodes: Onchained will demonstrate Elrond’s readiness to fulfil the internet’s need for a layer of trust operating at unprecedented performance. This will set the stage for launching our mainnet as a catalyst for adoption, precisely when market sentiment, consumer attention and enterprise appetite are bursting with interest.

Starts Thursday June 4th @ 12:00 UTC
$40.000 prize pool
15 days resilience goal for mainnet
Be awesome, follow these easy steps to be part of the Elrond history:

Perform KYC
Install up to 6 nodes
Register them in this form
Join &

Phase 1: 04 June — 08 June — setting up the network, dry run, new nodes can still join
Phase 2: 08 June & onwards — performance & functionality testing, mainnet readiness countdown, performance scoring, missions
learn more :

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