One beautiful summer morning photowalk (colorful fotostory)


Somehow I already talked about the fact that one summer morning I could not sleep and I decided to take a walk with the phone and take a picture.

Today I want to continue this story.

The morning sun was bright and the morning fog was almost disappearing over the lake.

I walked by the lake and took some photos.


The lush green of the very beginning of summer contrasted brilliantly with the blue sky.


After a walk by the lake, I returned to the house and drew attention to the dew in the grass. Then I decided to take some macro photos.


In places, small flowers peeked out from the grass.



There was also dew on the leaves of strawberries.


Then I decided to return to the lake. When I went ashore, I saw a white swan in the middle of the lake.


Seeing me, the swan began to slowly moved away from the coast.


And in the distance, on the other side, a fisherman stood with a fishing rod.


Something stirred in the reeds beside me. And I managed to photograph already. Oh, too, did not want to be around for a long time and hid in the reeds.


And I took another photo of the greenery reflected with the blue sky in the calm water of the lake and went to watch my dreams.


Huawei P20 Pro

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