Activity Report

For period July 1 to time of writing this post, here is the report of task i have carried out so far as a DxChain ambassador and their impact on the project.


Aim is to sensitize the DxChain community on the potentials of the underlying ideology of DxChain Network as well as exposing to a wider audience and communities through the influences of the likes and or greater projects hence attracting good investors and partnerships.

  • Activity 1 - Blog & Article
I wrote a short article on DxChain blog here reposted on my steemit blog here which contains summary of introduction to DxChain product - DxBox. More secrets about DxBox revealed by the DxChain engineers. The aim is to explain in concise to an average user why DxBox (a decentralized cloud storage application) is preferred to Dropbox (a centralised cloud storage service application.

  • Activity 2 - Twitter (from recent to oldest)

Using cross influence strategy, this tweet generates as seen in image above 42,258 impressions, 315 engagement, 88 expands, 107 overall votes, 28 links clicked and others.

With 306 impressions, 20 engagement others shown in image

Spotted here are 949 impressions, 28 engagements, others.

484 impressions and 34 engagement.

346 impressions and 11 engagement.

Linkedin activity can be seen here and my profile here. Representing DxChain on Reddit: comment by @bobelr and Steemit here.

Other activity are WhatsApp seminar on DxChain and anonymous Polls on DxChain Telegram group. Purpose is to encourage more read about DxChain and to keep the community active. I was active in the community for all the days of the week. I promoted DxChain through my community on Qunqun with over 560 members. Check post and activities here and here. To view them, you will need to download Qunqun App first and register with ref. code NKZ8KJ.

Poll 1 , Poll 2 and Poll 3. Learn more about DxChain, visit website

TG username: @Cryptopreach

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