Review Of Dxchain Project Open Source? The Pros And Cons Of The Decision.

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On 12th of August, 2019, Dxchain Team announced her public chain Godx project as open source of which the reason is not far fetched. Firstly what is Godx?

According to the blog post released by Dxchain on August 12 as seenhere,

Godx is a blockchain project written by the DxChain team using Go. Currently, it supports 64-bit Linux and MacOS operating systems. It not only implements the common blockchain ledger system, but also implements a large-scale distributed storage system. Compared to traditional storage service providers, Godx is based on the blockchain tech that can provide users with more transparent, secure and efficient distributed storage services.

In this brief article, the intention is to summarize the meaning and importance of Open Software/codes and the otherwise. So it is crucial that we understand what open source entails, its advantages and otherwise over the opposite.

Open Source Vs Close Source

An Open Source code/project refers to one which is usable freely available on the Internet. It is open in the sense that it can be copied, modified as well can be altered (i.e deleted and addition) by anyone with a considerable knowledge of coding. Since it is open, it experiences constant updates, improvement and expansion. On the other hand, Close Source software/code is directly the opposites of the former. It is proprietary (you only pay to use the software but not to purchase) in nature since the codes are closely guarded and unavailable on demand by anyone other than the original author or anyone with access. Only the original authors of code/software can access, copy, and alter that it.

Their Differences And
  • Open source codes are open to the public for viewing, sharing and modification. This connoted that anyone can fix, test run and upgrade where there is a broken code. The code is checked thoroughly after its release and bugs are quickly fixed if any. The bad side is that it is open to hackers to work on. Good side to the bad side is, even with hackers, it can be modified to lock out the bad guys as we have white-hat-hackers who can fetch out the black-hat-hackers. In contrast, where there is bug or need for modification or other in closed source, it can only be checked on request as they are made only to the vendor.
  • In comparison, it is obvious that closed source is predominant. The costs for it include an option to contact support and get it in one business day in most cases. However, the response is well organized and documented.

For open source software, such an option is not provided. The only support options are forums, useful articles, and a hired expert. However, it is not surprising that using such kind of service you will not receive a high level of response. For further reading, please go here


Looking at the PROs and CONs of the two sides, one can deduce that open source projects are preferable.

Also, Dxchain Team specified reasons for their decision here

In the blockchain world, code is law, and it forms the community consensus on the blockchain. From now on, the DxChain Godx project is open source, which means that any engineer familiar with the go language can access the code through the provided link. This allows them to review its internal implementation logic, verify and modify the code, and compile their own executable file. It also means that no Trojan or backdoor virus can hide in the program to ensure that the project runs in a completely open and safe environment. The DxChain team is willing to work with community members to maintain this code-based law and build a healthy developer ecosystem.
Currently, DxChain uses GitHub as a platform for all code development and management. Starting today, the code modification and upgrade of all subsequent DxChain project developments will be carried out in a completely open and transparent environment. We welcome the supervision and inspection of team members from the global community. We will use actions to prove that DxChain is serious about its open-source code. I hope that every technology enthusiast can provide us with more valuable suggestions in order to improve our decentralized storage ecosystem!

To access Godx Open Source, please follow this link


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