Recap Of AMA section (Ask Me Anything) Dxchain held on July 17, 2019.

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Few hours ago, as Dxchain custom, we had wonderful AMA section on Dxchain's telegram community. with James Li (Dxchain Co-founder) hosted by Olivia (Dxchain official Administrator). Below is how the scene went:

NB: In every Question and Answer in contained a link to their source.

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James Li (Dxchain Co-founder:

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Hi all, welcome to the AMA tonight. Today we have another co-founder James to join us! Welcome James. | Hi DxChain Community, glad to be here to answer your questions. Question 1: How will the DxChain project beat the other projects in terms of technology and innovation? | Answer: Compared with other storage projects, there are many new innovations, and I’d like to share the following significant advantages: 1. Compatible with solidity smart contract, it’s easy for web3 developers to create Dapp based on DxChain. 2. A storage contract similar to Lightning Network is implemented to facilitate off-chain file storage speed. 3. Rapid proof of storage algorithm. . We will release more technical details on your blog later.
Question 2 by @Technicalakash : Is there any plan to upgrade in any other blockchain? [(Expatiated...)]( I mean currently we are on ethereum blockchain , so my question is , can be swap in any other blockchain or we will upgrade in own blockchain. | Answer. The testnet 3.0 is based on geth code base, and we did a lot enhancement to support the storage system. And we will contine upgrade the current storage solution, to make it fast, safe and stable.
Question 3 by @Technicalakash.... After the dxbox , will you plan to create a new product other than dxbox? | Ans : We will work with our partners(hardware and software) to create more products like dxbox using our API and SDK. There will be more products, and they are not only created by us.
Question 4 @Technicalakash ... How dxchain will deal with other projects if any other project comes with the similar and better technology? | Ans : First, the Consensus mechanism is designed as a plugin framework, it's easy for us to add some new algorithm for later development.
Question 5 @Technicalakash ... How people can believe that their data with dxchain is safe and secure and will never go through any trouble? | Ans : To make it easy to understand, your data is encrypted by our private key, and split into a lot small pieces in a random order, and then storages into the network. It's impossible to break it.
Question 6 by @crypto88pt .... What is the staking and payout for Testnet 3.0 mining? | Ans : Testnet 3.0 comes with PoST + PoW algorithm and does not support staking so far. The PoS features have been added into the next release of the project, and it will be released in 2019 Q3.
Question 7 by @unknown ... Is there any tutorial for testing the Testnet 3.0? | Ans : . Yes, we will introduce a detailed description for each role you can select, as well as the code for users to test. . If you: (1) are willing to participate in the test of Testnet 3.0; (2) are interested in mining DX; (3) have a computer with Linux or MacOS system; . Please fill this form: and we will contact qualified users through email.
Question 8 by @crypto88pt .... When mainnet release scheduled...... August or September? | Ans : . In the next six months, the DxChain team will continuously promote the development of the Mainnet based on the following aspects: [(1)](" - increase the scale of DxChain nodes. [(2)]( - optimize the consensus algorithm. [(3)]( - upgrading the economic model of the storage network. [(4)]( - develop flagship products such as DX Wallet, DxChain Explorer. [(5)](* - research and develop the developer toolkits that support the storage ecosystems construction and development.
Question 9 by @Bobbob1997 .... Are you planning to release the final product before the crowdsale? | Ans by @Allan Zhan (Dxchain official)... - There is no crowdsale in the future and of course we will release the final product.


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