DxChain Ambassador ; Aggregate Report For The Month Of July.

As DxChain Ambassador, Aim is to faithfully and effectively represent Dxchain Brand and
to sensitize communities on the potentials of the underlying ideology of DxChain Network as well as exposing to a wider audience and communities through the influences of Social activities such as not limited to making DxChain-related articles and all activities gear towards community sensitize, also raising awareness through influences to attract more and willing investors and partnerships.

Week 1

Activities of week 1 can be found HERE. A total of 44,238 impressions, 429 Engagement, 120 Expands, 140 likes and 45 links clicked were gathered from the Twitter activities. A considerable responses was gotten from Qunqun activities for week. Others activities as contained in week 1 report thus: LinkedIn and Online (WhatsApp) Dxchain webinar.

Week 2

For week 2 activities as seen HERE , 144,019 impressions, 382 engagements, 92 expands, 115 votes and 68 link clicked gotten. Other activities on LinkedIn and Qunqun. I was active in community for all expected days of the week. In comparison, more impressions was created in week 2.

Week 3

In third week 858 impressions, 48 engagements, 8 expands, 16 votes and 11 links clicked were gotten. Active on telegram for expected days of the week. Activitiesweek was low due to hiccups
in my mobile phone functionality.

Week 4

This week carries the aggregate activities. In total, Twitter activities, 189,115 impressions, 859 engagements, 220 expands, 298 votes and 128 link clicked were gotten. Less social media activity in week due to bad mobile device. Qunqun activity HERE. Telegram activeness was idle for up to 5 days.

Feedback to Dxchain Team

  • DXCHAIN should make available as soon as possible for users to be able to run nodes on windows OS.
  • A new and more effective approach to bounty program need be considered by the team. Smartdrop program would fit in this regard. More detail forwarded to the manager.
  • I propose that DxChain Devs consider using PoS algorithm blended with PoW to make for staking possible only if this hasn't been considered.
  • There is urgent need for more marketing strategy(ies) to attract more investors.

Plan for August

Overview of plan for August
  • Improve on social media awareness/posts (twitter, Qunqun and Reddit)
  • Activities to increase community participation relative to Team's approach for the month.
  • Video and infographics on DxChain concepts.
  • DxChain-related articles only based on upcoming events/news.
  • Others.


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