Sunday of Memories

Sunday, the day of rest and relaxation. The day of activities pleasing to the body and soul. It is a day that I like very much. Usually on this day I walk and then go to an exhibition, restaurant, theater or movie. Sometimes I go to visit my friends or receive their visit. this makes Sunday different from the other days of the week.

For me Sunday is like a sunny day when the rainbow appears!


It sometimes happens that you fail to do the Sunday program. This Sunday I stayed home. I can stay home and build a beautiful day. I've done this many times.

This Sunday I'm lazy!

Yes, I am lazy but I found the easiest and most enjoyable method to have a beautiful and sublime Sunday. The memories of the most beautiful Sundays I spent last year...

A summer Sunday in Iasi, Romania!

Almost all of 2019 I lived in the beautiful city of Iasi in Romania. Iasi is the capital of a region called Moldova. It is a historical and university town.
Some of the most enjoyable moments I spent in the park that separates the Palace of Culture from Palace Mall.




It is a place full of greenery and flowers, beautifully arranged by architects. I spent many Sundays walking, visiting exhibitions in the Palace of Culture or going to the surrounding terraces.



A favorite place for many, adults and children, is the carousel in the middle of the park.


The second moment of last year that I remember with great pleasure is the holiday. It's my fondest memory. It helps me get through the gray days of this winter easier.

My Greek dream, Thassos island!

For me the end of summer means vacation in Thassos. The most anticipated and pleasant time of the year. Thassos Island in northern Greece is not out of the ordinary, it is not a tropical paradise and no five star resort. It is an island where I can live the ordinary life of the Greeks, where for ten days I live according to the Mediterranean model. I really like it! When I'm not there I remember everything in detail. They are the most pleasant memories.



The sea water is clear that the crystal and the endless beaches are normal on the island and are the main attraction.




The third extremely pleasant memory is coffee. Favorite cafe in Iasi. The place where I drank the most wonderful cappuccino. Every Sunday I had breakfast and coffee in this place ...

Coffee Story

It's very well called Coffee Story! Because there I became friends and I told the owner and the barista. I felt at home in that place. The best quality coffee completes this picture.



I am fascinated by the way the barista knows how to decorate the coffee. Draw on foam milk.


My greatest pleasure was to drink coffee without ruining the drawing. I did it every time.




Obviously, like any human being, I have many more memories. I chose a few that help me to have beautiful and sublime Sundays in the simplest and cheapest way. Because it doesn't cost anything to dream of the beautiful Sundays spent.
There is something else, a constant presence in all the beautiful days. Flowers!



It has become a habit to share with you how I spend Sunday. It was not my idea, I answer to the challenge launched by @ace108 and @c0ff33a!


I once initiated a challenge called SAM. Something About Me. I thought it was good for our readers to know more about us and to understand better what we are posting. Well, SAM is dead but I still think it would be in everyone's interest to get to know each other better. This is the reason for the short presentation below!
  • I am Dan and I live in Bucharest, Romania.
    Born in 1954, married and retired. I worked in construction and banking system.
    My passions: Art (film, music, photography, painting), Travel and even Cooking.

  • Romania is the sixth largest country in the European Union. Unfortunately, due to over fifty years of communism (1947-1989) and a reluctant transition to capitalism (1990 and up to now), Romania is among the least economically and socially developed countries. I hope this will settle quickly in the near future.
    Instead, it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe!



Don't believe the word, please check here!


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Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort, and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.

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Sometimes it's just good to take a look back at nice memories

19.01.2020 23:42

I'm glad you agree! This also replaces the lack of inspiration.

20.01.2020 08:45
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Thank you!

20.01.2020 08:33

Thank you!

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24.01.2020 08:30

It is a great pleasure for me, thank you!

24.01.2020 23:16

Fantastic post @bluemoon! It deserves a lot more attention... I hope it gets it. :)

24.01.2020 08:36

Thank you very much. I'm glad you think so.

24.01.2020 23:19

My pleasure @bluemoon x

27.01.2020 12:19

Wow! I'm so used to seeing your mono pics, these stunning color photos hit me like a brilliant sunrise! How in the heck do you drink the coffee and retain the foam drawing? I'm impressed!

24.01.2020 08:43

Thanks! You're very kind to me.
Coffee foam helps me, which is quite concentrated ...

24.01.2020 23:23

Really a sublimely beautiful Sunday @bluemoon! You live in a beautiful country and what lovely memories of Thassos. I really like your cappuccino trick;)

24.01.2020 08:47

Thank you! I am glad that I managed to convey something positive about Romania.

24.01.2020 23:25

Very beautiful country Romania, still enjoying open spaces most probably due to over fifty years of communism, it will change soon enough.

Greek islands we never managed to visit, looks tranquil and inviting in this area you holiday in.

Thanks for sharing both places you enjoy remembering fondly @bluemoon

24.01.2020 10:50

Thanks for reading. Yes, definitely that Romania will change ... already I miss my childhood Romania!

24.01.2020 23:31

Our lives have changed so much it is ridiculous, hardly recognize our childhood towns anymore with development.

25.01.2020 09:09

I understand this is a problem everywere.

25.01.2020 14:11

First, let me say, in response to your footer @bluemoon, that I think you did a fine job of communicating in a language other than your native tongue. And the effort you have put into creating this post really shines through. Nicely done!

I loved all of the creatively different ways you have illustrated how your best Sundays have been spent. Of all of them, since two of my children have established their own coffee serving businesses, this one stood out:

"I am fascinated by the way the barista knows how to decorate the coffee."

Not only was the barista very talented (how did they manage that?), but you preserved their creative touch, with every tasty sip, all the way to the bottom of the cup! Bravo! 👍

Right there with you, in the "golden years" of life, I hope you and yours are enjoying a beautiful Friday, as well, as we all read about your reflections of Sundays past well spent.

All the best to you, for a better tomorrow!

P.S. Given it appears you and your family lived through it, if you have ever written about Romania's transition from communism through its "reluctant transition to capitalism", I would welcome a link to it. I would love to read about your perspectives on what you experienced.

24.01.2020 11:47

Beautiful post Dan. I can see you are living the high live...good for you!

I am amazed at how you managed to drive the coffee and keep the drawing intact.

24.01.2020 12:38

OHH that weather i need that now, its so cold foggy and rainy now here
Have a great weekend

24.01.2020 13:28

I've never seen anyone drink a coffee like that before. That's brilliant! I'll need to try that next time I get one, too. I like that!

24.01.2020 13:45

What a relaxing post @bluemoon. I'm going to have a coffee and chill! ☕


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24.01.2020 13:54

What a beautiful post @bluemoon :) It made me smile to read it, you painted a lovely picture with your words. The island in Greece, ahhh I could live there! Simply perfect.

24.01.2020 14:09

Iasi is a beautiful city, or at least that's how I remember it. I've been there during summer for couple of weeks in the early 2000. I loved the architecture, restaurants and mostly of all, the people. I found them very calm and friendly. Had lots of fun exploring the city and the surroundings. Great post!

24.01.2020 15:36

Oh, what a surprise! You visited Iasi. I lived last year in Iasi, it is a very beautiful city and it has changed a lot in the last years.
Thank you!

24.01.2020 23:34

All those are beautiful memories. I'd love to visit that Greek island!

24.01.2020 15:36

Thank you! I stopped at this island for several reasons but definitely anywhere in Greece is worth going. Unfortunately, these great distances can be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

24.01.2020 23:36

I do love when you have these reflective moments. Dan! @bluemoon Perhaps it is because it moves around a little more than a normal post, covering only the beauty of those special moments and moving to another.

But, I have never seen a post of yours that didn't cover a subject fully and cover it in a way that gave people the most pleasure. You have mastered the art of pleasing the reader.

I think the dream sequence also allows you to cover places you may want to go, people that you may want to visit. I think you have it all covered. I love it when you take me to Greece as you love it and are very enthusiastic about it. You can read it between the lines you write.

That coffee is epic! How did you keep that design there? Did you use a straw? :) I have never seen that before! Thank you, as always for giving me the pleasure of reading your wonderful post.

Upped and Steemed


24.01.2020 16:53

I can't find the words to answer. You say so beautifully about my story that only that phrase above rewards me for my activity in Steemit. Thanks!
Dreams are beautiful ...
The coffee. I drank carefully and I was helped by the fact that the foam was very dense.

24.01.2020 23:44

Your posts make this possible. The depth of your words and the pictures you post to lure me into reading all about it.

It's all you. You should be very proud of how far your posts have reached.

24.01.2020 23:55

Thank you! Now I'm embarrassed because of what you say. You are too generous with the appreciation but I must admit that I am very pleased to receive them.

25.01.2020 00:12
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24.01.2020 16:53

Thank you!

24.01.2020 23:45

The pleasure is mine!

24.01.2020 23:53

This is an incredible post. Many good things. The street photography, what a beautiful place Iasy is! The Greek island (who would not love a week a la mediterraneo!). Then, the coffee shops, lovely place and you drinking the coffee without ruining the foam drawing! I gotta try that, using a straw, i guess.
The lovely flowers, nice touch. Blue iris, was it, the last one?

24.01.2020 17:32

Thank you! I'm glad you like my memories.
You have to try coffee, it is a pleasant exercise.

24.01.2020 23:57

A stunning post Dan and that Greek island seems to be the ideal place to go and take a break. Romania is indeed a beautiful country.

24.01.2020 18:56

Thanks! I am glad that I was able to convey a good image about Romania. The country is beautiful but we, its inhabitants strive to destroy it. That's why I try to convey only the beautiful part.

25.01.2020 00:00

This happens all over the world my friend, as destruction has continued for years. I also only try to show the beauty.

25.01.2020 11:22

Yes, I know! Is good to show the most beautiful things around us.

25.01.2020 14:10

So true my friend!

25.01.2020 17:55


25.01.2020 19:43

Howdy sir bluemoon! What a wonderful post with so many beautiful photos, it is a real pleasure to view, great job!

25.01.2020 06:44

Thank you!

25.01.2020 14:15

Oh I would love to visit all of those places, and I hope soon to make that dream come true Dan, I'm getting too old to let my dreams continue as such.
(You are one year older than I) This post is upvoted and resteemed my friend
@bluemoon (I may have a surprise for you soon)

25.01.2020 16:12

Oh wow! It's so colourful and beautiful there. What a stunning place to call home ❤

26.01.2020 06:36

Oh, thank you! I am so glad you liked it.

29.01.2020 00:36

Such beautiful photos! 😍😍😍 what a way to spend Sunday! Have a great week ahead!

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26.01.2020 08:04

Thank you! I hope for a good week and wish you the same.

29.01.2020 00:32

Love the roundabout gif and the bear coffee - right to the bottom of the cup!

26.01.2020 13:24

I am glad you like them. Thanks!

29.01.2020 00:30