In support of inertia's Steem documentation proposal (an SPS proposal)

I was reviewing proposals listed under the SPS system today and noted that inertia's latest proposal to continue documenting the Steem API and best practices for working with this API isn't voted in (yet at least), so I wanted to briefly the reasons why I think this should be a "no brainer" proposal that you, the reader, should vote for, if you want to see the Steem ecosystem grow.

  1. Documentation of the API is critical to support software development centered around the Steem blockchain. If such documentation doesn't exist, each individual development group has to reverse engineer the functionality, effectively duplicating effort. And as new developers won't be as familiar with Steem, it will take them much longer to do.
  2. In addition, there is a higher probability that new developers without access to this documentation will use less efficient API calls, which can lead to slower web sites that detract from the user's experience on their sites. And without proper examples, they may not employ the best security practices on their sites, increasing the chances for things like leakage of private key data.
  3. The price being asked for the work is very reasonable, IMO. As of this moment, 1 SBD is approximate 0.66 USD. So he's asking just under $86/day to work for 30% * 8 hours = 2.4 hours per day (calculations based on his proposed workload per day). That comes to $35.80 per hour. As someone who hires software contractors, I can promise you that is a fantastic price for this type of work. It's actually hard to find programmers who are willing to write documentation, because it's one of the least enjoyable parts of programing for most programmers (e.g if you're like most people, think about what it was like when you had to write a book report for English class).
  4. This is a continuation of a prior documentation proposal, and I felt he did a good job in that prior proposal and even gave nice progress reports along the way.
  5. The other alternative, of course, is to wait for either Steemit to do it (probably going to be waiting a long time, because they already have their own plans and internally they "know" the APIs already) or hope for someone altruistic to do it for free. But as I mentioned already, this is the least fun work for programmers, so its not a favored target for a free contribution.

All rewards from this post have inertia as a beneficiary (assuming I did this right, it's my first time playing with this setting)...

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You did.

04.10.2019 19:06

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04.10.2019 19:21

Consider adding a link to approve the proposal as many have no idea how it works.

04.10.2019 19:22

This is how I did it.

[Approve Proposal]([42]&approve=true)

Just change the proposal number.

04.10.2019 19:30

There's multiple ways to vote for the proposal, so I don't know that I should favor any potential platform for that.

I really hope that anyone who has a significant stake in Steem will take the time to learn how to vote on proposals, in whatever manner they prefer. But I doubt most people will want to do it like I do. I only vote for proposals with the command-line wallet (CLI wallet) because proposal voting requires use of an active key.

04.10.2019 19:34

I think the majority of people use SteemConnect/Keychain. The ones that don't will know how to do it anyway.

04.10.2019 23:26

Click this to make it rain on @inertia --> This is what you click

04.10.2019 20:45

Already voted. โœ“

04.10.2019 19:27

Thanks, it's encouraging to see support like this. Although I often will go with "no feedback is good feedback," there's something to be said for someone going out of their way to highlight support.

04.10.2019 19:46

Ps: You can post up to 5 times a day and they'll all be upvoted

04.10.2019 20:38

Hijacking top comment to add the link to approve the proposal.

You want to click here --> Right here, this text, click it, then follow the prompts.

04.10.2019 20:51

It goes to say Inertia does invaluable work here and will have much more value as Steem matures. Good to see the support .

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04.10.2019 20:02

I'm not a programmer. I don't know anything.
I don't know if most poor people here would agree to $35.80 per hour.
That amount is too much for me IMHO, as one of the poor people here.

I guess we have also to consider how much money @inertia already earned on steem ecosystem and maybe lower the cost of his expertise.

And in the future, how do we know that those recommended people for the proposals are not the same person or people or maybe the same group of friends trying to monopolize this system?

04.10.2019 20:19

That is such a backward way of thinking. So because you are "poor" you think that someone else should earn less? What inertia has earned in the past is irrelevant, would you be ok in taking a job with less earnings just because you earned some money in another job?

And in the future, how do we know that those recommended people for the proposals are not the same person or people or maybe the same group of friends trying to monopolize this system?

For pete's sake! Ask around, everyone who has been around here long enough (and is actually interested in finding out) knows who is inertia is.

Besides, what's important is the actual proposal. If you actually read the post you would understand that the work that is being proposed would potentially benefit all of us in the long run and make you less "poor".

04.10.2019 20:39

You aren't a programmer and you don't know anything (your words) but you say he is potentially going to be paid too much? What he's doing it pretty invaluable. If you understood how software is built, you would not have written this comment. I promise.

04.10.2019 20:44

@ronel. Please don't embarrass yourself ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜–. Delete this comment ASAP.

04.10.2019 21:19

He won't be able to because it has been replied to already, including by you.

05.10.2019 11:19

He can still edit it.

05.10.2019 13:43

He can edit it. The comment looks really weird. Negative energy without sound knowledge.

06.10.2019 06:58

for it-consultancy in the land of the free leaders of the west and europe thats not really a very high wage, relatively speaking ... but i understand what you mean there, in some places thats a weeks food , right or more ... dont have to tell me i count โ‚ฌ5 a day as budget normally but well yea , its not really all that preposterous if youd see some of the fees consultants get here lol
, as for the proposal, i voted for it weeks ago if im not mistaken, those docs can use some SERIOUS maintenance ... a bit of php libs would be nice too for the $36/hour lol (but im guessing it mostly python, right ? the in-thing .. and maybe the ancient nodejs but fine yea im all for it one of the best proposals i saw ... good a titan like @blocktrades actively follows up those things

and never mind those people calling you names because you dont know coding .. its ... well some of that is pretty much elite and some of them feel like that because they can .. .(i have no idea why really but thats how it is ... dont lose sleep over it)

04.10.2019 21:20

This is a continuation of his previous proposal, so you may need to vote for the new one if you only voted for the first one. A couple of voters have already told me that they didn't realize there was a second proposal that needed to be upvoted to continue the work after his previous proposal expired.

05.10.2019 05:13

Ridiculous . I recently got into a discussion about โ€œpoorโ€ people and the gist of what the person was saying was Steem should support all poor people . You realize this would wreck Steem ? Inertia earned and yes, even bought Steem. This doesnโ€™t mean the hates poor people .

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04.10.2019 21:38

lol, $36/hr is a really low wage for a skilled worker in the US or Europe. Coincidentally the cost of living in these places in a decent city is extremely high.
Skilled workers need to be paid a fair wage for their talents commensurate to what they could make elsewhere.

04.10.2019 23:04

Let the rich people vote for the proposal and poor are free to counter it. Let's see who win ...he he he!

I read somewhere, to get richer, you should think and act the way rich think! ...else poor are doomed to remain poor.

05.10.2019 11:08

Looking at how important it is, Seriously... $35.8 per hour is small for that kinda work๐Ÿ˜. I believe he cut the price to that amount due to his love for the community. Nice one @inetia๐Ÿ‘. Well-done @blocktrades for making us understand better.โœŒ

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04.10.2019 21:17

I do love the community, but that's not the primary motivation. My rate is what I think the market can bare. It's all about price discovery.

05.10.2019 22:30

Remain blessed๐Ÿ’— @inertia

06.10.2019 06:56

Voted. Like last time. Thanks for reminding us about the latest proposal. @inertia does great work.

04.10.2019 21:34

Already Supported

04.10.2019 22:45

SPS approved with around 70
k SP and upvoted to this post going to @inertia as well. ๐Ÿ˜„

04.10.2019 23:43

I read @inertia's proposal month ago I think. Yeah, that kind of proposal should be supported. Nice one inertia..

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04.10.2019 23:56

Here's the thing he did almost NO work on his proposal to convince the generic user that we should support his proposal... in fact YOU have made a better case for him than he made for himself. He basically shared a link expecting hundreds of non-developers to know what he's talking about... and we don't know... and maybe that's fine because we're not his target for the proposal since maybe it's just aimed at the 4-5 accounts that can make his proposal successful regardless of the rest of us.

So thanks for sharing ... I was also hoping to hear more about the results of his last proposal.

05.10.2019 03:46

I'm not even remotely interested in discussing how good he is at selling his work to non-developers. He's not a marketing guy, and it turns out, he probably doesn't need to hire a marketing guy to write his proposal posts, because he can get endorsements from other programmers who recognize the importance of this work. To me, that's a win for the blockchain, as I don't particularly want people wasting time on things they aren't good at. This isn't a competition, it's a cooperative effort to build a better ecosystem.

I can easily see why non-programmers might not understand the importance of this work, and, yes, that's why I wrote my post about it.

As far as his previous proposal, he published a bunch of links regarding his work that were fairly comprehensive in terms of what he did. Really more comprehensive than I thought was strictly needed.

By results, do you mean what he did, or what the ultimate impact of that work is? The latter isn't something that can easily be pinned down, and I really don't want to see him try to. I get so tired of seeing BS marketing resumes from people claiming things like "my work generated 25 million dollars for my previous employer over a one year period". Basically numbers pulled out of their butt, IMO. Note it wasn't typically progammers generating resumes like that, it was almost always a manager's resume.

05.10.2019 05:09

You do realize i was thanking you for the post you made right?

05.10.2019 18:13

As a developer, I value his work greatly. When I first came to Steem, there was very little in way of documentation and no one really wanted to help.

Good documentation prevents developers from coming to Steem and getting pissed off they can't figure out how things work and moving on.

Steem will live and die on the dApps and not the blogging.

05.10.2019 05:44

This is a bit too techy for me.

06.10.2019 18:00

Thanks for the reminder dear @blocktrades.

@inertia is known well for his great work.
Full support from the beer world!

06.10.2019 21:24