BitShares wallet operational again on BlockTrades after blockchain halt

The BitShares blockchain was halted for several hours today due to an uncaught exception during block processing. The core team delivered a fix for this issue and the blockchain is fully functional again.

We've updated our Bitshares wallet to the patched version and we've processed any transactions that were sent during the time between when the blockchain was restarted and when our wallet was updated to the patched version.

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Good news!

05.09.2019 21:43
0's a great news that the block chain is functional again.

05.09.2019 23:28

Time for all Larimer chains to halt? All kidding aside, halting is a better way to do things than just let them be and try and fix later. Prevents bigger problems.

05.09.2019 23:57

thanks for the good news

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06.09.2019 09:04

'halting' a blockchain ... :D the very concept ahem ... but well i thought EOS had a protectorate in place that allows the happy few to block accounts too, the essence of de-centralized taken even further than steemit , larrimer 2.0 lol , who's the evil emperor, they both seem to have a bad streak when it comes to enlightened despotism but maybe i should heed my words now there's free downvotes for the masses.

I think they misunderstood what i meant by "panem et circenses" as opposed to "bring a friend and some money to save the whale" - if you want "the masses" (and dont call them normies if you're the worst one, not YOU but im sure you know who) , the downvotes probably act a little like circenses though, makes the pack-rats happy AND its justified from above

THAT SAID, i was just passing by to check since im moving my witness votes from one account to this one (as i dont want multiple accounts holding witness votes) and im very happy to see neutrality here and no ' HF21-is-God ' goebbels-type propaganda ...

08.09.2019 11:52

Thanks for the heads-up @blocktrades :D
And Hi again.

08.09.2019 13:00

I hope all will be ok

08.09.2019 21:36