Pornhub started accepting Tether stablecoin


One of the world's most popular websites for adult content, Pornhub, has added the Tether stablecoin (USDT) as a payment option.

The Pornhub blog says USDT support comes from a partnership with TRON. Therefore, to make a payment using Tether, the service recommends using the TRONLink wallet.

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Wow this is going to change the porn experience. Now I can feel like I'm supporting something greater then my addiction.

23.01.2020 18:46

If they can pull that off surely they can do it with non porn sites like netflix now that would be a game changer

23.01.2020 21:19

If Tron’s Justin Sun is actually in talks with Steemit like this article suggests... then this USDT being accepted on PornHub news could be huge
Especially for communities/tribes such as DPorn.

24.01.2020 01:52

@steemflagrewards bid bot misuse

via @andhovesyan who sent the bids after receiving the money from this account. Probably his alt

24.01.2020 19:42

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved for SFR Token Issuance!

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Thank you for reporting this abuse, @meesterboom.

  • bid bot misuse
    Violation of promotional service TOS, use of promotional services for ROI, or overpromoted content.
    Over-promoted content generally points to low quality content or self-aggrandizing trending spot hogging

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