Busy now stores drafts/bookmarks/setting in localStorage. You need to login & reload once.

If you don't want to lose previous drafts/seettings, log in to Busy and reload refresh the page) once.

From now on, Busy stores all drafts/bookmarks/setting in localStorage.

Previously, they were stored in the Steemconnect (SC) user metadata storage, but SC has decided to stop tha function due to costs.

Thus, Busy now stores them locally, which means your settings are stored in each browser. While this may be inconvenient if you want to use the same settings in different browsers especially with different computers/mobiles, this change may improve security.

If youu don't want to lose preious drafts/settings, log in to Busy andreload (refresh the page) once.

If you don't do it until SC actually shuts down the storage function, you'll losse them.
I'll updte if I hear when it's gonna happen. (probably fabien / steemconnect will do on their own as well.) => Update: Sep 1st or so.

Thank fabien, @sekhmet for helping me.

ps. While I'm helping Busy, I'm not an official member, so don't complain anything to me :)

I'll try to add/fix things when I have time, as I've done so far, nothing can be guaranteed. In particualr, I'm very tired of seeing people just copy the codes without even mentioning anything and then commit under their name to their projects. While this isn't a problem at least legally, since Busy is a open-source with a license that allows such, it's so sad to see that PoB is even dead on Github.

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