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Hi steemians, it's really a long time since the last adventure, this is the first Blockchain Cat appearance in 2019 since the New Year's Eve party with polar bears and the last year's restless moments with the creator of Bitcoin: Merry Bmas and Happy 2019! and Deciphering Satoshi. After that it looks like it entered in a long hibernation, even thought that crypto winter was passed.

But now an unespected visit woke up Blockchain Cat and if the talent of the Zuckerberg family's pet in reading the cats body language is accurate, our hero will enter in a fairly busy and exciting phase again. We can imagine that if all the talk about the Libra Foundation's cryptocurrency were true, the previous meetings with other animals like happened in Happy chinese new year of the dog... dogecoin!?!, Meeting CryptoKitties and Open source friendship, will be remembered as calm and far away memories.

People also said that the Libra will be a stable coin, if so there also will not be situations as Blockchain Cat had in Waking up the bull, A friend bear and Going to the moon anymore. I don't know if when Visiting China people there told that famous answer about the effects of French Revolution, but I think it fits in this new Facebook announced token: too early to say :-)

If you want to change the dialogues, adding images and create your own new stories with the Zuck's pet and Blockchain Cat, it's under Creative Commons attribution license. Anyone can copy, distribute, display, perform and remix the work if credit the original creator. To make new versions easier, there is a shared public Google Presentation file that you can copy and edit the way you like.

May the nour be with you! Thank you very much and good luck again!!

7/8/2019 @wagnertamanaha

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It's good to see the cat back again. I've no idea what Libra will bring, but more awareness of crypto should be a good thing. A few people noticed a similarity in the logos.


09.07.2019 12:16

♥♥♥ 〜(=・ω・=)〜

09.07.2019 20:12

Thanks for commenting! Maybe the Libra inspire other mega corporations like Google and Amazon to try crypto too, and new Blockchain Cat adventures of course :-) Good luck again!!

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09.07.2019 20:18