A transparent Witness Proxy! @blockbrothers complete witness vote list February 2020 + two upcoming changes.


In current times it's more important than ever to vote for witnesses. @blockbrothers has been running a transparent witness proxy since December 2017 that is open and honest.

If you don't know who to vote for as a witness you can set @blockbrothers as your proxy and we can do the voting for you or you can take inspiration from our list.

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Every change to our witness list is announced before hand. We make changes every month or two.

Who are we?

@blockbrothers are already very active in the community through @exyle and @brittandjosie (our community manager) and our own @blockbrothers account. Our main dev is @bennierex.

We are also the developers behind Steemify. The best notification app for the Steem blockchain for IOS. Give this app a try it's awesome!

or apply for the Android beta here : steemify@blockbrothers.io

In December 2017 we released a post here where we clearly state which witnesses we vote for and why.

Since that time many Steemians have entrusted us with their proxy witness vote and our vote has grown to an impressive 1796 MV (to put that into perspective @freedom, one of the biggest accounts on the blockchain has 20000MV).

We have a healthy mix of community witnesses and developers.

Here is the new monthly list for February 2020 with upcoming changes.

If you like our choice for witnesses you can set @blockbrothers as your witness proxy and we will honor that trust.

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The following witnesses we still approve of but will be rotated out:

Witness Reasoning
@fyrst-witness not active enough


The following witnesses will be rotated in:

Witness Reasoning
@followbtcnews For their community work, @crimsonclad, Owner of Steem.chat


@blockbrothers approves of the following witnesses (complete list with reasoning).

Witness Reasoning
@abit Saved the blockchain after the chain stopped after HF20. Knows his stuff. Maybe not as visible on the blockchain as other witnesses but someone you want to have around.
@adsactly-witness Community witness. Heavily invested. Support bloggers as well as developers. Very active under the @adsactly-witness and the @adsactly account.
@aggroed One of the most dedicated Steemians. Minnow Support Project Founder. Community leader and Co-founder of Splinterlands. Run their own infrastructure decentralising the blockchain.
@anyx For his work on optimizing full nodes
@blockbrothers Community (@exyle and @brittandjosie) and developer witness (@bennierex). Creators of Steemify and very invested and informative for the community through @exyle and @brittandjosie.
@blocktrades Developer witness. Business owner of blocktrades.com. A portal to convert other crypto to STEEM and back (for a fee). Has a team that can build for the blockchain. Business owner.
@busy.witness Community and developer witness. Creators of the first alternative front-end for Steemit.com with Busy.org.
@curie Community witness. Curator of content.
@cervantes Community witness for the Spanish Community.
@emrebeyler For his work on dPoll and Tower
@fyrst-witness Community witness. Very active community member. Founder of Steemspeak on Discord. One of the biggest community servers outside of Steem.
@good-karma Developer of the Esteem ecosystem. Run their own infrastructure decentralising the blockchain.
@holger80 For his work on Beem
@jackmiller Very active community witness.
@lukestokes.mhth Community witness.
@ocd-witness Community witness. Curator of content.
@oflyhigh Underrated witness. Knows a lot about the blockchain. Programmer. (got on our radar when he answered this question about the price feed perfectly. here. @yoodoo For the continuous work promoting Steem and building 3speak
@pharesim Developer witness. Made https://steeminvite.com. Is able to check Hard Fork code.
@someguy123 Developer witness. Not active as a community member but is the creator Of Steem in a box which is an extremely helpful tool for everyone that wants to setup a witness.
@steempress for their work on Steempress
@steempeak For their work on Steempeak and Peakmonsters
@stoodkev for his work on Keychain and SteemPlus
@thecryptodrive Business man and developer Witness with @buildteam. Run their own infrastructure.
@themarkymark Developer and very active community witness. Also known for his work on the The Global Blacklist API. Provides a free public full node
@therealwolf Developer and community witness. Creator of Smartsteem. Creator of SteemApps
@actifit For their work on the Actifit application.
@yabapmatt Developer witness. Co-founder oof Splinterlands.


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17.02.2020 08:16

According to the Bible, Charity Means Love (3 of 5)

(Sorry for sending this comment. We are not looking for our self profit, our intentions is to preach the words of God in any means possible.)

Comment what you understand of our Youtube Video to receive our full votes. We have 30,000 #SteemPower. It's our little way to Thank you, our beloved friend.

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17.02.2020 08:24

I appreciate your updates and clarity on reasoning 👌 very impressive vote weight you swing around there and it’s good to know it’s being used wisely!

17.02.2020 08:39

Glad you find our list informative!

17.02.2020 12:09

Very much so, I wish more witnesses were as transparent with their votes and reasoning... helps lead people into making their own decisions 👍

17.02.2020 12:46

Thanks for always reminding me to update and review my witnesses. I find your advice quite valuable even though I don't proxy.

17.02.2020 10:20

It's extremely important people start voting for their witnesses. No need to the proxy, it's just a option for people that choose too.

All we want is more people voting for witnesses. Thanks, we do our best to make a good list!

17.02.2020 12:08

I want to change my proxy but how? I casted a vote long ago but it seems the proxy I voted is not that active anymore..

17.02.2020 12:09


If you go here it should be possible for you to clear your proxy (green button).

17.02.2020 12:28

hey, I want to set new proxy but this what happened.. Screenshot_20200217220244.jpg

17.02.2020 14:03

Voted you as my witness

17.02.2020 13:56

Thank you!

17.02.2020 20:50

Thanks for the transparency and your continious support to my witness. Cheers.

20.02.2020 13:25

a good list - will update my own votes with this info.


26.02.2020 18:44