Mobile phones Could be the Keys to the Car!

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Digitization is already everywhere it seems. No exception for the car. In fact, right now car keys can be using a smartphone. Is the Bosch that makes it.

In the morning nan is busy, the car keys are nowhere to be found. And anyone who has ever the hassles of carrying groceries, definitely hoping to get the car door open automatically.

To turn the smartphone into a car key, Bosch will end the incidence of lost keys, which sucks this.

“A digital system to access the vehicle Perfectly Keyless from Bosch, making the driver no longer need to use the car key traditional. This system is a good example of the mobility of the connected stress-free,” said Harald Kröger, president of the division of Bosch Automotive Electronics.

When the driver approaches the car, the sensor on the vehicle will recognize their smartphone. “So the identification is successful, the car will immediately open without the need to use physical key,” he added.

Physical keys are also not needed to start the engine or lock the car doors at the end of the trip. Vehicle owners can also use an app to give permission to another driver who will use their vehicles.

Through the process of safe-protected from unauthorized access, the key additional virtual will then be sent via the cloud to other smartphones. This allows service providers car sharing and fleet operators to manage access as well as the key in a flexible.

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