How and what are the ingredients for making OUCA Ice in Ebisu Japan?

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Delicious Ice Cream with Seasonal Ingredients!

Japanese Ice OUCA is a cafe with the concept of "seasonal food", so don't be surprised if the ice cream here is made from a variety of selected ingredients from all over Japan. All types of ice cream are made in this shop every day. So, you can enjoy delicious ice cream made on the same day you buy it.
The ice cream in the photo above is a special menu made from a combination of 3 special ice. First, matcha ice cream (green tea) whose ingredients are taken directly from Uji, a city in Kyoto which is famous for its green tea quality. Second, cow's milk ice cream with a strong taste. Third, the strawberry sorbet is a limited edition which is only sold from March to June. For tongue freshener, this ice cream is served with complement in the form of zodiac konbu (※ 1). Very beautiful, right?

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