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Hello friends, hope you doing great? Am doing okay from this part of the world.. It is all bustling here with Christmas coming so soon, people have started traveling to visit their families, markets are starting to get crowed and decorations see the kids so happy as they are expecting to have lots of I miss being a kid, they have nothing to worry about lol.

Yeah! So guys welcome to another episode of #questionandanswer with @bliss11 ...hope you excited? Because I am, most especially for today's guest. I am so honored to have with me today.... drum rolls..... lol...@Shadowspub ...yay!!!

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I got to know @shadowspub through steem terminal on the Ramble show, specifically the pypt show which she anchors. The first time I attended the show I was amazed and I perceived her to be a an organised person, things were done orderly without taking away the fun in the show. She is actually one of those I respect here on this platform, even without any prior notice she was still able to make out time for this interview. Have not known her for long but with the little I know about her, she is a serious minded person and willing to be of assistance if you are willing learn. So to the business of the day......

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What is one of your valued lessons about life?

Well, to pull John Donne into the 21st century I’ll paraphrase his famous line and say “no person is an island”. We all need to interact and at times depend upon others. When we’re formed into a strong community we are all stronger through mutual service.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a person who tries to build others up before I’ll tear down. I usually try to explore a topic before weighing in with opinions although, I’m not short on opinions once triggered to toss them out. I’ve been told I’m stubborn but I have no idea where the person got that idea from.

I am a writer which by desire and necessity means I am also a reader. I read a fairly wide range of topics and try to learn as much as I can from everything I read.

I value loyalty and honesty in others and most importantly in myself.

If you were to get away from everything, where is the perfect place you would go?

Into the woods near a stream. Preferably without the biting insects which isn’t really possible in the warmer weather. In the colder weather there is a beauty in that setting even if it is cold. When there is snow on the ground it’s always quieter than in the summer.

I spent most of my childhood near woods and a stream. It was always my place of refuge.

What inspires you the most?

Inspiration can come from a lot of sources. I’m not sure I could point to any one source and say that inspires me the most. It could come from a beautifully written passage, a glimpse of spontaneous interaction between people or animals, beautiful scenery or people overcoming adversity.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Would be one where I accomplish what I set out to do that day. Then when I pick up my tablet to check in on the rest of the world I find people being kind to each other. People doing what is right, not what is self-serving and expedient.

Imagine even a day when that dominates the news instead of what we currently get.

What is your favorite holiday?

I don’t know that I could say I have a favourite holiday.

The day I consider to be the most important in the year is not a holiday but an observance. That is Remembrance Day when Canadians are called upon to remember the sacrifices that secured my freedoms.

Sadly when I see they way things are developing in this world, I often wonder how many more sacrifices are going to be needed to keep those freedoms.

What experience would you want others to learn from?

Most of my life has been devoted to community building through volunteer service. I learned that from the veterans I worked with in my young adult years. They volunteered to serve my country to make sure we could enjoy our freedoms. When they came back those veterans continued to volunteer to serve not only the welfare of their fellow veterans but our communities. We all have something to contribute. We just have to be willing to share through service to others.

If you were to be an animal, what would you be and why?

Well my animal companions in life are cats, so likely a cat who owns someone like me. Cats have this wonderful mixture of fierce independence and need to be cared for. They show both sides and a mix in between.

What is the first thing you notice about a person?

The feeling I get about the person. I’m not someone who really takes in appearances. I have to actually look and listen to start to notice the physical aspect of a person.

I used to drive my mother absolutely bonkers when it came to describing people. I used to be so proud of myself if I could remember the colour of their hair and eyes in addition to their height and size. My mother had a thing for lips. No idea what that was about but I guess it was what she noticed first.

She would ask me about the lips and I’d respond with well there was a top and a bottom lip. When they part, there is a mouth there.

The feeling I get is either negative or positive and then I start to get to know them from there. The initial feeling isn’t always the end result in how I view a person but it’s my starting point.

What would be your pick, fame or wealth?

Wealth. Fame is fleeting at best. Wealth gives me tools to do things for myself and more importantly, others. I prefer people know me by my actions.

Wow! What a great time with @shadowspub, I do not know about you, but I definitely enjoyed the read like I had to go back and read from the start, you get to learn a thing or two from her...I sure hope you enjoyed today's episode of #questionandanswer. A very big thank you to @shadowspub for taking out time to honor my invite, which is all thanks to @simplymike for nominating her for this episode.....I really do appreciate your time with me today.

So here again, we have come to the end of today's episode, thanks guys for following up on these episodes and for your comments too. But do not forget you can nominate someone to get featured on the next episode or you can send in your questions to be asked.

This is where I draw the curtains today, feel free to leave a comment and do have a lovely day....I remain.... Bliss.

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16.12.2019 23:02

Solid steemian and good friend right there. So good to get some more exposure for someone quietly acting as a cornerstone for this blockchain.

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16.12.2019 23:30

Cornerstone is exactly right!

Perfect word to describe her @zekepickleman!

Nice to see ya :)

17.12.2019 01:15

Well look who decided to pop by for a surprise celebrity appearance!

@dreemsteem for the WIN!

17.12.2019 04:05

Awwwww what a sweet welcome!!! What can I say ... Block Party 2 brings the excitement out of me... Hehehe

Heyyyy isn't that up near you??

You should pop in say hi too hehehe

17.12.2019 04:11

So true @zekepickleman.... I appreciate you stopping by, thank you.

17.12.2019 07:22

This was great!!! Thanks for doing a lovely job giving us an extra peek into @shadowspub's life! I've known her for a while but these types of questions always are extra fun to know!!!!

Great job @bliss11

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17.12.2019 01:14

Am glad you enjoyed the read @dreemsteem.... Am grateful for your kind words, thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful day. 😄

17.12.2019 07:18

I like the feeling I get from @shadowspub too😝

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I love these Q&A series you’re developing @bliss11. They help us know better each other or even reinforce our guesses of how is this or that other steemian out there whose we interact with.
What to say about the person interviewed today? We all know her daily work in favour of the whole community and those in need. It’s really valuable for us to read those mean words!
Keep on the great work!
Big hugs over there ❤️

18.12.2019 12:00

Extremely interesting things that can be learned, when you thought you knew someone and something like this comes along;
I've always admired @shadowspub for her commitments, for her perserverence and also for her organizational skills and intelligence.
Thank you for doing this project @bliss11...

18.12.2019 23:08

Thank you @jamerussell, I really appreciate your comment. 😄

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