The Diarygame: 09/04/2021 - My Journey To Campus


me in my T- shirt

Hello, steemians,
I am very happy to share with you some of my activities on Sunday, 9th May 2021.

The school has finally resumed after we were given 2 weeks break. We were supposed to report to campus on Saturday 8 May 2021. But I could not make it to campus due to some personal reasons.
I am very happy going back to campus, I will get the opportunity to share our beloved steemit with my friends.


Sunyani to Kumasi VIP bus

I woke not quite early, but it was around 6:30 am. I was in hurry to get back to campus to prepare for lectures on Monday, 10th. I had to rush to Sunyani VIP Bus station to book a seat.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-10 at 3.10.41 PM.jpeg

From Sunyani to Kumasi is not all that far, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to get to the Kumasi. I booked my seat around 8am, I had seat number 6.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-10 at 3.10.41 PM (1).jpeg

the ticket i booked

The bus couldn't get full early as expected. We departed from Sunyani around 12pm which we were supposed to get to Kumasi around 3 pm. But due to heavy traffic along the Abuakwau road, we had to take a short cut, which was actually a long cut. We pass through Osei Tutu Senior High School. In fact, I got to Kumasi very late.

Because I was going to campus I had to alight at Suame roundabout and board a trotro to campus.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-10 at 3.10.41 PM.jpeg

Me in trotro going to Knust campus

I was very tired when we reached got to mine hostel. I met only two of my roommates, the other guy wasn't in yet which I am sure he be in tomorrow.

I had to relax a few minutes, after which I took my bath watched the 11th episode of The Blacklist season 6 before going to bed.


watching The blacklist S06E011

Thank you for spending your precious time reading this post.

Goodbye, see you tomorrow

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I hope you enjoyed the journey

10.05.2021 15:08

sure, thanks for the concern

10.05.2021 15:22

I wish you a safe journey

10.05.2021 15:16

I am already on campus

10.05.2021 15:23

You look good in the shirt

11.05.2021 10:15


11.05.2021 10:19