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Achievement 1 Task; By @blessaku96: Verification By Introduction. Guided by @pato84

Hi, my dearly beloved friends on this great platform.


I am Blessing Akubueze with the username @blessaku96. I hail from Obingwa local government Abia state, Nigeria in West Africa.

I am 25 years old born on 06 January, 1996, I was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Onyenkwere Azunna. We are 8 siblings and I am the third born to the last.


I am a graduate of University Nigeria Nsukka where I studied Education English and literature. Currently working as a Legal Clerk in the office of T. S. Ugwuegbu and Associates (Ebekuodike Chamber) of No. 39 Orlu Road, Amakohia, Owerri Imo State, Nigeria and serving my Father land as a corps member (NYSC)IMG-20211129-WA0027.jpg

I am an Educator who educates people, both Children and Adult, i enjoyed teaching people around me to be successful and resourceful in life.



I cherish studying and inspiring people, I like counseling people on how to go about life challenges of life.
I worked as a secretary in a law chamber in Owerri


I love sharing ideas, I love attention and I dislike distraction, I hate embarrassment and disgrace I love be myself, I love people around me and anyone I come in contact with because I believe all human being are one big family, and I believe this platform will help to bring us together and make the vast universe a global village for all of us to interact.


I believe in egalitarianism and hope to building an egalitarian society where we see ourselves as the same and equal. I cherish communal living as I was taught from childhood



I like mingling with sound energy so I can be motivated and be inspired.
I love cooking using my mummy method and adding my own ideas. I am single still searching, I try my best to render help to people in my own little way.


I want to be full member of this platform. I will like to have people that can develop my knowledge spiritually.

I have no knowledge about crypto but I have a burning quest to know and learn about crypto through my stay here.
got to know about steemit platform through a friend name @pato84 and I developed interest on it. Then he signed me up and guided me in doing my Achievement 1 Task.
I appreciate his recently effort in making sure that I became a member despite the distance
I hope to make lots of friends here both locally and internationally trusting my stay here will help to take the crypto world to a loftier and more enviable height.
Love you all.

My Deepest Regards

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